Will Smith On Why He Turned Down Django Unchained “I Need To Be The Lead”

Will Smith

Will Smith is not here to play a supporting character – even if it means getting to work with Oscar winners Christoph Waltz and Quentin Tarantino.

The actor was approached to star in Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” but when Will saw the size of the role, which Jamie Foxx ended up playing, he turned it down.

Django wasn’t the lead, so it was like, I need to be the lead.” Prior to passing on “Django,” Will even asked Tarantino to alter the character’s screen time.  Despite leaving the project, Will was happy to see the movie do so well.  “I thought it was brilliant,” he added. “Just not for me.”

I guess when you’re Will Smith, you can pick and choose your roles.  It did sound kinda arrogant though, but whatevs.  I’m struggling to care…


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3 Responses to “Will Smith On Why He Turned Down Django Unchained “I Need To Be The Lead””

  1. Being Will and if its not a lead, why do it? Will also produce and owns his productions/movies. Also, the movie wouldn’t had done well with Will. As soon as we saw Will in that cowboy hat, we would have thought of wild wild west, that FLOP! So good for Will and Great for Jamie!!

  2. Basically he is full of himself now. LOL. Well when you got it like that, I guess it doesn’t matter. He won’t miss a meal nor a check for passing that one over.

  3. He is full of himself.

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