Why Kordell Stewart Filed For Divorce

Kordell and Porsha

We’ve all been speculating as to why Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from his wife Porsha and it seems most of us were right on the money.  Click Read More to see what friends of Kordell are saying about the divorce and why he filed.

“Before Kordell and Porsha got married, Kordell told Porsha that he wanted a wife who will be a stay at home mother while he works and pays the bills. Porsha was completely down with it and kept pushing the marriage. When RHOA signed Porsha, Kordell only agreed for the couple to be on it to support his wife but he didn’t like the idea and got annoyed with Porsha who all of a sudden wanted a ‘career.’”

So what was the breaking point? Kordell’s friends reveal,

“Porsha tried her best to make it like things were perfect. She constantly took photos of the two but Kordell was not happy. He hated how he was portrayed on the show and hated that his personal life was now out there. The breaking point was that Porsha couldn’t get pregnant. They tried and it wasn’t happening. Kordell would have stayed with Porsha despite her not being able to get pregnant but the show caused so many fights that it wasn’t even worth it and the marriage couldn’t be fixed on his end.”


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12 Responses to “Why Kordell Stewart Filed For Divorce”

  1. Wow…just that simple huh!? Get out early I guess. Such a waste of time and papers. All stars should just have civil unions.

  2. lol @civil unions

  3. He still a low life bytch made punk. He mad cause she wanted her own identity basically…..he stupid. And her not getting pregnant is a dumb reason. Surrogate, artificial insemination, adoption…..all these options they have and he chooses divorce. The perfect dummy is what he is. And I dont blame her for wanting a career…..for reasons like the one she going thru now along with stability, not being controlled by anyone and she really needs to figure out who she is. Well, now she dont have to worry about his approval or him letting her do anything…..smh

  4. I agree Sam. She will be better off without him. I’m not saying she did, but we know he didn’t marry for love. It’s no telling how long they would have lasted without the show. It’s apparent that she talks and tells him things and doesn’t listen or even care about her opinion. As far as the miscarriage. I’m sure that this was devastating for her, and he seemed to not support her in that aspect. Well, I wonder if she will be on the next season of RHOA, if there will even be another season.

  5. In summary, Porsha violated the signed contract. LOL. She got a taste of life as a celebrity and he got tired of it. Same thing that happened to Nene and Greg. Sad what has become of marriage these days. I wish them both well in the future.

  6. That’s true Sonya. I don’t think either married for love. Sounds like one married for financial stability and the other for image stability(we all heard the accusations about Kordell). So I still don’t feel bad for either. I feel bad for Marriage… So as Cuzo said, civil unions for all. LOL

  7. NeNe and Greg is a different story. Those two divorced for tv. I think they truly care about each other.

  8. I agree @keebs Nene and Greg

  9. Sounds like also no love was involved except on her part. He treated the relationship like a girl friend & a boyfriend thing. Marriage is a whole different ball game. What happened to for better, for worse vow?

  10. “I’m not controllING, but I’m in control! You see the difference?”

    That line confused me every since I first heard him say it lol

  11. I think that when you give up almost everything for a person, they should ser that you truly care. With that said, homeboy owes her money

  12. Certainly there are details to every story, BUT if your word is no good the same applies to the person. I realize this sounds callous and hard, but when you enter any contract; whether it be marriage or any other, you have NO ONE to blame but yourself for breaking it. Either party was free to agree or disagree from the get-go: THEY AGREED. Though some may disagree sighting “That ain’t love”, or s”She has a right to a career”, your forgetting,… SHE AGREED TO THE TERMS! Ask yourself; Would you have? No? Well, there you go; your smarter than her!

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