What Was Brandi Glanville Thinking?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was obviously NOT thinking when she chose to wear this gawd awful mermaid inspired gown to the 85th Annual Academy Awards.  According to Glanville, she designed the gown herself.  I am not surprised because it looks bargain basement just like Miss Brandi!! This is a fashion offense in the worse way.

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8 Responses to “What Was Brandi Glanville Thinking?”

  1. No, No and No!!! Seriously!! Attention whore with that ugly azz dress and her feet SQUEEZE in those tight shoes. Her bunion is screaming for relief……smdh. Reality stars at their finest. Absolutely hideous!!

  2. Wow!! Just tragic! Poor boobs and bunions just getting all kinds of mistreated.

  3. Those boobs and bunions are screaming for relief.

  4. Her lil sister’s prom dress?

  5. omg! did she not have a mirror? oh no. sad :(

  6. Looks too small… I agree Cee.

  7. Wrong place right boobs!!

  8. She wasn’t thinking clearly. She’s an attractive woman but often misses the mark with fashion. She needs a girdle or to get lipo on her tummy.

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