UPDATE What Say You: Zoe Saldana Cast As Nina Simone

UPDATE: More photos (2) of Zoe Saldana from the set of the Nina Simone biopic have emerged.  Share your thoughts.

When photos of Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone hit the net, the backlash against this movie became even louder.  Most folks just aren’t convinced Zoe can play this role.  And many did not appreciate the lopsided afro, dark makeup, and buck teeth.  There are many other qualified actresses that can play this role, but as usual Hollywood is only concerned with filling the seats and who they think will bring in high audience numbers. I have no doubt this will be another Alex Cross.

To read more about Nina Simone, click the link.  She was quite the revolutionary!!

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15 Responses to “UPDATE What Say You: Zoe Saldana Cast As Nina Simone”

  1. Very interesting choice, I’m not sure about Zoe for this role. The chatter about Jill playing that role was far more exciting to me, and not just because of the “Look” of it.

  2. Hmmm ummm don’t know what to think.

  3. folk are always gonna “not like” somebody playing a celebrity…look at Andre 3000 playing Jimi Hendrix. There’s controversy over that role as well.

  4. This comment should be taken in consideration with the comments placed on the fb page as well. I’m offended: Time was any color at all or even getting a movie like this made was a triumph heard across all media. Now there’s out-cry about a brown woman not being BLACK enough even though she’s an actress (and not a damn singer that you’d rather see in the role). Sure, defend it with Viola Davis – whose movie career is nearly the exact same # of years as Saldana’s! Or by saying that they could have picked Viola from sheer popularity. FYI, it’s an indie film, produced by a foreign company, with a budget nearly 25% of what it cost to make her last film. Oscar nominations tend to keep folks moving onward and upward til they get their “Gold Man”. Ever stop to think that this film couldn’t afford Viola? I’m a light complected Black woman that is disgusted by the undercurrent that we are now doing the reverse brown paper bag test. #hotterthanapistolinadumpster

  5. I’m not convinced. I’d rather a no name play this role than Zoe. I don’t have a beef w her personally, but I’m not feeling her for this role. Zoe is more in touch with her Latina roots than her black side, so let her play a revolutionary Latina. Save the Nina Simone biopic for a real black woman. Not this off brand fake.

  6. Plus, the producer backdoored her way into the film by buying the life rights of Nina’s long time manager. So this so called Nina Simone biopic is unauthorized anyway. And I still say, casting Zoe is their way to nring in ticket sales. Don’t be fooled. A movie is currently being made about Harriet Tubman. The actress is biracial. The whitewashing of a historical negro figure. Chile cheese. I’m offended.

  7. I can look at it from both perspectives. I think people will always find a problem. I think much of it has to do with our conditioning from slavery. We can’t celebrate ourselves because we are so busy focusing on the injustices. Are these actresses being sought out rather than trying out for the part?

  8. I think all roles are for all people. I also feel when casting the director need to try to be as pure to the person and not seats in the movies. It’s too many actors and actresses of all racist to cover Hollywood and their roles.

  9. *Are not*

  10. Oops *races*

  11. what!! a racially-mixed person playing harriette tubman … the woman who could have freed way more slaves if she could have convinced them that they were slaves… umh, that’s not good. i do love all races of people, but that casting just doesnt seem to fit.

  12. ooh, sorry, my post isnt really about zoe saldana. honestly, i didnt care too much but then i read the comment about ms. tubman’s character and now, i can appreciate what e (and lots of others) is saying.

  13. http://www.yourblackworld.net/2012/07/black-news/yvette-carnell-why-did-a-biracial-actress-portray-harriet-tubman-in-abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunter/
    click the link g. Woman white as snow and about to play our very own , iconic freedom fighter, black to the core Harriet Tubman. We want to leave that legacy to Fleming. I don’t

  14. I watched that Abe Lincoln movie, and until I saw these comments, I had NO Clue that the lady in there was supposed to be Harriet Tubman. What a way to water down history.

  15. I saw the movie too Keebs. What a disgrace. Harriet didn’t look anything like that. The whitewashing of our history.

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