‘Tis The Season… Ravens Defensive End Terrell Suggs Weds Girlfriend Candace Williams


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs wed Candace Williams during a small ceremony in Maryland. On Friday, NFL star linebacker Terrell Suggs wed his “formerly estranged” girlfriend and children’s mother during a small ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel.  Ms. Williams only dropped the restraining order she had against Suggs three days prior to the wedding!!

Yep!! “Tis the season to marry ni**az that beat that azz.  I’m at a loss with this one.  Nah, not really.  But nevamind, he poured bleach all over you and dragged you alongside a car!! Ya’ll getting married now.  Girl please!! You are just asking for it.  Share your thoughts.  Let’s discuss!!


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7 Responses to “‘Tis The Season… Ravens Defensive End Terrell Suggs Weds Girlfriend Candace Williams”

  1. OMG! I hope we are not reading about them in the near future about something negative. Some people need to learn when they are not good for each other.

  2. They cant be serious!!! Both clowns but at least now that she’s a wife she’ll get paid for the divorce. Those azz whippings as the gf was for GP. She married him for the cash.
    This dude is voted ugliest in the NFL year after year.

  3. This is a disaster waiting to happen. A prime combination of TNT and matches. I read about this Friday and just shook my head. When will some women learn to love themselves first. If someone gets you to the point or you push someone to the point where they want to hit you, you do not need to be with that person because he who angers you controls you. I just pray no one ends up dead is all.

  4. I can see the headlights now…”NFL wife ran over by car…driven by her HUSBAND”…more on your local news at 6.

  5. Lol Yam

  6. Why??? She should know what the end is going to be. That marriage license should have been revoked, since the restraining order was dropped days before. However I know the world we live in. Praying for this chick and most of all the babies.

  7. oh wow, i hadnt heard about this story at all. but then again, the news in this area stalks the redskins as if they’re the only nfl team in the usa. wow, i hope they will both be okay.

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