This Looks Painful!


Who do these swollen piggies belong to?  Her rapper boyfriend is going on tour three months after she gives birth to their new baby.  Selfish much.  What’s even more selfish is she’s planning to go along on tour with him and take the baby.  That’s the craziest thing ever. A newborn baby on tour. Two self absorbed individuals.  Let’s pray for the baby.  Check the picture after the break for the answer.  Like you haven’t guessed already.

Kim Kardashian

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9 Responses to “This Looks Painful!”

  1. Knew it was Kim’s fat feet.

  2. I honestly do not believe she is going on tour with him. However,I do believe he is intentionally going on tour in order to get away form her and her nagging ways. As Wendy Williams stated, they will break up after the baby is born. While Kim is self obsorbed, I do not see her and a baby on a bus nor plane (germs for the plane and the bus to low class for her). As for the shoes, Kim is trying entirely too hard and making herself look like a darn fool in the process.

  3. I don’t think so either Sonya. This was just an attempt to deflect attention from the fact that Kanye is planning to leave her and the baby to go on tour. She’s trying to save face

  4. I’m hurting just looking at those mini pigs. She is so wrong for that on every level. I know she is uncomfortable. she needs to stop trying to be an attention whore and take care of herself for real. I know Kanye is a loose cannon and she should know that too. However, I don’t see her following him with a baby, that’s too much.

  5. Her feet and toes look like a can of busted Vienna sausages

  6. OMG!! *pigs in a blanket* this is just awful!! The top half of her foot really does look like a hoof.

  7. Did anyone see the nail on those things? The one beside tje pinky

  8. Lord!! so sad. with all of the money she has! those were all she could find? the dress is so nice but why is she doing this to herself? wish she would go sit on a balcony with her feet up.

  9. oh, and of course, we just leave it to E to put folks’ feet on blast for us to see!

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