Third Elmo Accuser Files Lawsuit in Federal Court

A third accuser in the Elmo sex scandal filed his lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan yesterday and, as expected, TMZ has the documents.  According to the docs, the two met on a gay phone chat line when he was 16 and Kevin Clash was 40. If you’re on twitter, MuthaKnows already laid this out.. Folks be having the juICE.. they’re just not as official as TMZ with a ground team and big bucks.  Don’t get it twisted!!  This stuff happened and when Clash stopped with the money… they went public.  Expect more of Clash’s underage tricks to come forward..  Now, some liars goin jump in the mix.. Be sure of that, lol.

Anywho, according to the third accusers’ lawsuit, he met Clash while in NYC pursuing modeling opportunities.  Clash invited him to his swanky NYC apartment, which was strewn with Elmo dolls and photos of Elmo with famous people, including Beyonce and Tyra Banks. *leave Bey and Tyra out of this frackle nackle*

The accuser (who is now 28) goes on to say Kevin Clash plied him with alcohol and “groomed him.” And that there was “o*** sex and digital penetration of his a***.” Just scandalous.  My eyes are hurting.  I don’t like talking about sex all detailed.  Hetero or otherwise..

Man, I tried my best to stay away from this story, but it just won’t die…. I don’t want to talk about Elmo.  He is so innocent and loveable. I barely see the man Kevin Clash behind the costume.  This is Elmo Slander and I don’t like it.  Why didn’t they call Olivia Pope to Fix This?

Let’s not discuss, lol!! Sike, I don’t write this stuff for my health.. it’s for US to e-talk.  Share your thoughts!!

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10 Responses to “Third Elmo Accuser Files Lawsuit in Federal Court”

  1. This is some crazy this guy put elmo in

  2. Poor Elmo! I can’t even look at him the same! Now my question would be is did those boys go to him to get paid in the same fashion that underage girls do whether it is a heterosexual relationship or not?

  3. It wasn’t like a hooking or escorting thing. What I was saying abt the money was when he stopped giving them money like gifts stuff like that… They told. But Kevin wasnt necessarily paying for sex like on the prostitute tip. I didn’t get that. But somebody can check to be sure.

  4. This is just too much!! I don’t even know what to say about this right here!

  5. I’m at a lost because its Elmo!!

  6. “…Olivia Pope to Fix This?” DEAD, DEAD, DEAD… E!!!
    You need to award yourself the next three gift cards.

  7. So they are really putting him on blast because they are no longer with them, and they knew they were too young to be with him, and now they want to get paid? I wasn’t thinking about it like prostitution or anything. But come on ELMO!

  8. come on ELMO!!!!

  9. You think he did his Elmo voice during sex!? Elmo likie #ITF

  10. NOOOO @ Blackface!

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