The Kim K Edition: Baby Bump or Baby Fat?


Let me go on the record and say Kim Kardashian is going to be the size of a loveseat before this pregnancy is over.  She is already looking a mess and isn’t even 4 months yet.  Kanye is going to be looking at her in a whole new light soon.



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5 Responses to “The Kim K Edition: Baby Bump or Baby Fat?”

  1. That’s just belly fat, she gonna use her pregnancy to let herself go and her azz look slack… usual!! Watch her bunz gonna start drooping after while cause she wont be able to get her injections. And what is so good about her butt anyway?? It look like two greyhound bus tires being held up by twigs….smh.

  2. That baby got that donk lookin RIGHT though!

  3. After the baby she would need to get on kanye’s workout plan.

  4. she’s spreading wiiidely. :( her thighs werent always that big, were they? she looks like she’s going to gain quite a bit.

  5. Not a good look from the side. It looks like she’s wearing a diaper. The thighs need to match with the booty. JMO

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