Tamika Fuller Wants You To Know….

Tamika Fuller

Tamika Fuller has finally broken her silence via twitter.  Read her tweets below regarding Ludacris and their new child Cai Bella Bridges.  [Read from the bottom up]Tamika Fuller

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7 Responses to “Tamika Fuller Wants You To Know….”

  1. This is so messy. We may not have ever known about this had Luda not filed the paperwork trying to cap his support obligations. Him not seeing his child and his actions in this matter leaves a poor reflection of his character. She laid with her, unprotected. Therefore, irregardless of the manner in which the child was conceived, she’s here now and deserves to have both parents take an active part in her life. I wonder if he’s avoiding the child to try and keep the peace with Eudoxie. I doubt she’s going anywhere because I see her as a kept woman.

  2. I agree. He’s at fault because he’s the one that was in a relationship. Tamika Fuller doesn’t owe these clowns anything and Eudoxie surely isn’t going anywhere. All this drama is unnecessary. Luda is just mad because he got caught out there, but that is HIS fault. If he wasn’t cheating, none of this would have happened. He should have hired DWade’s people. Haven’t heard a peep about that mess.

  3. Sharon, I concur. However, it is all Luda’s fault!!1I am disappointed with Eudoxie though. Prior to Luda, she was in medical school, therefore, she has some book smarts. I do think Eudoxie has become accustomed to the manner in which she is currently living but if she goes back to school and finishes her residency, she can live a good life and not have to put up with unnecessary drama. I’ve said it before and will say it again, Heaux are winning. I would have dropped Luda like a bad habit. Not only did he cheat, but he didn’t use a condom. So he disrespected her and possibly endangered her life by cheating. I don’t feel sorry for nayone involved in this mess. They all got what they asked for and must suffer the consequences of their actions. And Tamika is def not the innocent one in this either. She along with the rest of the world knew Luda and Eudoxie were a couple. I think she intentionally tried to secure her future by getting pregnant.

  4. Think about the children lol

  5. I wonder where the info about Eudoxie being in med school at one point started though. I’ve never heard her nor Luda mention med school but I do think she was in college. Since this scandal came out, I’ve been hearing she’s never been in med school, but that she was pre-med. either way, she’s needs to finish school and get her own. I don’t feel sorry for none of the adults involved in this saga.

  6. I’m with you Sharon…I heard it was never med school. Rather, she was taking.classes to be a physican’s assistant. I think she is actually in school now for something because Monica put on her IG, I can’t wait till you graduate.

  7. This is messy. The truth will not come out any time soon.

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