Spotted: Jay Z and Beyonce at Giorgio Ristorante

Beyonce & JayZ were photographed sitting outside at Giorgio Ristorante enjoying a sunset dinner on Saturday evening.  That is until the paps arrived.

Bey is not feeling the paps, lol.

Bey and Jay can be seen leaving the restaurant in this photo.  In other news, the power couple lost their bid to trademark their daughter’s name, Blue Ivy.  The name was previously trademarked by Veronica Alexandra, the owner of Blue Ivy Events company of Boston, MA., and the judge sided with her against the couple on October 16.  No shade, but I find it funny that Bey and Jay would try to sue someone for something she (Ms. Alexandra) owned even before their baby was born.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to pay this woman off now.  What do you think?

UPDATE: Beyonce and JayZ didn’t try to sue anyone.  Once they filed the application to trademark Blue Ivy’s name, Ms. Alexandra… the owner of Blue Ivy Events company filed her own trademark.  Ms. Alexandra had been operating the company since 2008 and it was her argument that if the Carter’s trademark was approved, it would make it impossible for her business to continue.  The judge sided with her and denied the Carter’s application.  Thanks to Sharon, a frequent commentor, for the information.


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8 Responses to “Spotted: Jay Z and Beyonce at Giorgio Ristorante”

  1. People with a lot of money and too much entitlement.

  2. I am suprised that she didn’t pay them off yet.

  3. It’s funny they would try to sue for the rights of a name that’s already being used. Glad they lost…see how much the name is worth…pay up!!

  4. From my understanding, Jay and Bey only tried to trademark Blue Ivy’s name, not sue anyone. However, when the Event Planner learned of this, she filed a trademark patent of her own indicating that she has been operating her business under the name since 2008 and The Carter’s trademark application would make it liekly impossible for her to continue her business. Hence the reason, the Carter’s trademark application was denied.

    S/N Does Bey look plumper than normal to anyone besides me?

  5. Thx Sharon for the info. I updated the post with your info.

  6. Thx Sharon and E for post update.

  7. Ummm Bey what’s up with the Dwayne Wayne glasses? and I’m NOT feeling those bulky orthopedic looking sneakers either?!!

    That outift def should NOT be worn again..its not flattering at tall!

  8. Love her sweater, grossed out by the glasses and the hair. Stans can gasp all y’all want but she don’t seem to be able to piece decent looks together on her own (mama Tina’s genes are indeed strong as hell). Jay ain’t exempt, somebody hand that nigga a brush. They call it eccentric when you’re filthy rich, when you’re not rich they just call it filthy. Get it together Carters

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