Sneak Peek: Beyonce’s HBO Documentary

Beyonce has released a sneak peek of her HBO documentary that’s set to air on February 16, 2013.  I’m still skeptical about that baby bump.  She gives a two second glimpse of it in the video. *inserts side eye* Share your thoughts!!

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7 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Beyonce’s HBO Documentary”

  1. Side eye!

  2. Hey Keebs!!! How was training?

  3. :O please

  4. YES!!!! I can not wait. I am going to have a watch party!!! LOL. I am so serious.

  5. Yesterday was brutal because I am sick. Today is better

  6. I’m all over this…woohoo

  7. i’m looking forward to it, but i have to admit that i dont wanna hear her speaking through the whole thing. {flame away, but you all know her candid, real-life speaking is similar to that of a teenager} it would be so much better if she had someone else to narrate with some clips of her during an interview chopped in between songs and other folks’ commentary.

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