Say Something Nice Challenge: Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle

This is what years of botox, fillers, and lip injections will do to you.  Remember when she was the “sexy” alien in Men In Black.  Not so much anymore. Anyway, I’ll go first. I like her Mickey shirt. Your turn?

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12 Responses to “Say Something Nice Challenge: Lara Flynn Boyle”

  1. You stole mine. So her jacket matches her shirt well!

  2. Nice John Deere hat. That is a classic.

  3. Her belt buckle is nice and rugged.

  4. I like her jacket. Hoodies are my fave……Gosh this is hard.

  5. On a serious note: Is she having health issues because she is looking mighty thin. I saw other pics of her and her legs look like twigs.

  6. Nice…sunglasses??? I’m trying:/

  7. I like the mickey shirt.

  8. I like the john deere cap

  9. Her outfit matches her young boy’s shape.

  10. That dingy bandaid blends well with her skintone!

  11. I like her teeth nice and striaght not like mine. I like her smile she makes money. she’s still working, Making more money than most of us. I think People need to stop incringing on peoples supermarket moments and leave these people alone. I think she’s beautiful.

  12. I also think people should stop incringing. Positive comment: She sure is alive!

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