Rihanna Kisses Chris Brown Goodbye “I Don’t Wanna Leave You Baby”

“@fuckyopictures (Chris’ Instagram handle) i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” -badgalriri

Rhi Rhi is acting a little obsessed over Breezy.  That pencil peen must be hitting all the right spots.  Come on back to the States Rhi and let Chris finish up his Carpe Diem Tour.  I’m sure he isn’t going to get into any trouble while you’re gone. *inserts side eye*

Thanks to JoyRP for the tip.

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11 Responses to “Rihanna Kisses Chris Brown Goodbye “I Don’t Wanna Leave You Baby””

  1. Aww she don’t wanna leave her baby

    *fixed that for you cuzo*

  2. No she don’t wanna leave. She wrote that to him.

  3. Those two couldn’t wait

  4. Why did I just see the comment about the pencil LMBO!!!! E!!!! you too crazy!

  5. OMG I read over the pencil comment too. You’re funny E

  6. These two are the sexiest, most primal and exciting couple. I bet they can’t be around each other without touching constantly.

  7. Aww sniffles :(

  8. Eartha!!!! Keep it coming. I love it..Did you really say “pencil peen”

  9. That pencil must be right for her sharpener. LMBO, cute…I’m a sucker for reinventing love.

  10. Drake in a corner somewhere crying. Boohoo ; (

  11. I hate u so much Shannon!! That pencil all in that sharpener just grinding away. Lawwddd. I really want them to get it right this time prove all the naysayers wrong. Look at TI and Tiny. People have short memories. They were a damn hot funky stink mess and look how happy they are

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