Richmond Police Chief Resigns Over Chris Brown Scandal??


The Richmond, VA police chief, who is accused of helping singer Chris Brown fake his community service hours, has resigned from the police force, effective immediately, according to the NY Post.

Bryan Norwood, who was Richmond chief of police for nearly 5 years came under fire when the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office accused him of approving Brown’s community service hours when the singer was not even in Virginia.

According to documents filed by the DA’s office, Brown filed paperwork claiming he was painting murals at a children’s center and picking up trash in Virginia when he was actually on a plane to Cancun, Mexico.

Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos lashed out at LA prosecutors, saying they have “lost their minds,” and unofficially advising Norwood to sue the LA prosecutor’s office.

In a 19-page filing obtained by the LA Times, prosecutors asked the court to decline Brown’s community service paperwork because of what they called “significant discrepancies indicating at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting.”

Documents submitted to the court by the Chief of Police in Richmond, allegedly claim that Chris, 23, “worked at Tappahannock Children’s Center and did jobs such as painting, washing windows, waxing floors, cutting grass and picking up trash, TMZ reports.”

Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, was, at one time, the director of the community center where Brown did most of his labor. Hawkins allegedly signed the reports confirming his community service hours. *mess*

It is important to note that Norwood was in the process [prior to this scandal] of looking for a new job and did interview with the Raleigh Police Department in North Carolina.  These may be two unrelated events, the resignation and the “faked” hours, but it doesn’t play well for Chris Brown.

I believe Chris completed some of his hours, but the rest: call it trickery with a pen and pad that’s coming back to bite him in the ass.  What say you?


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3 Responses to “Richmond Police Chief Resigns Over Chris Brown Scandal??”

  1. I agree with you whole heartdley E. He did not complete all the required hours and now heads are about to roll due to lying. I think Norwood is resigning before it gets messy and it just so happens he already had another job lined up. Chris should have just done the hours. SMH. He knows people evaluate his actions with a microscope, so why not just do the darn hours and gain publicity while doing them.

  2. lol Sonya. Norwood jumped on his broom and got his ass up outta there. Can’t say I blame him. The average person might can get away with some fishy hours, but not CB. I hold him completely accountable on this one. This was an easy task. Do the hours. Now, they’re going to put his feet to the fire. What a fool!!

  3. Darn! You’re right, E. He had already gotten the better end of the deal by just having to do CS. He should’ve at least committed to it in a show of good faith. Too much messiness in this story.

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