RHOA: Kenya Moore Defends Her Actions


On the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore shocked everyone when she showed up to NeNe’s Shoedazzle event nearly naked, using an exaggerated southern drawl in an effort to mock Phaedra, and wearing a huge hat [Phaedra style].

Kenya defends her actions on her Bravo blog claiming she wasn’t drunk, she’s not crazy, and Phaedra is a hypocrite…

Agree or disagree, laugh or cry, hate or love… right is right and wrong is wrong. When a person deliberately maligns your reputation by starting vicious rumors about you to anyone who will listen, they are the one who has a problem.

Undoubtedly with malice, Phaedra repeatedly and intentionally slanders and defames me with unfounded and untrue statements. All as punitive action when she learned of my intentions to make my own fitness video. I have never been drunk a day in my life. Yet Phaedra wants everyone to believe I “drink like a fish.”

Phaedra asserts that she believes I am bipolar or have a chemical imbalance. The only thing that makes me “crazy” is that I ever believed this woman was my friend. She is a malicious, despicable human being, who intentionally sought to malign my reputation and harm my future business with her debasing lies.

I believe I have seen Phaedra’s cold black heart. From her actions alone, this is a woman who will say anything and tell any lie in order to achieve a favorable outcome for herself. This must end. I believe people can see who she really is.

With me, I don’t try to hide. I keep it real. It is what it is. That being said, when people show you who they are, believe them. Phaedra is a walking, talking hypocrite. She wants to say I’m unstable, however, in actuality, she is the one who looks shady and duplicitous obviously lying to hurt me because we had a business falling out.

Yes, I am dramatic and I wanted to make a point. STOP SPREADING YOUR VINDICTIVE LIES. Business is business. I never attacked Phaedra personally. For her to go to extremes to hurt me was uncalled for. Therefore, in rare form, I let her have it plain and simple and spoke the truth, which she nor anyone else can deny. On another note, I told NeNe beforehand that I was going to come to the event with a dramatic entrance and outfit, and as shocking as it was, NeNe could only laugh. Got to love a girl who can laugh. I’m done with this. Whether people agree with my methods or not, you cannot disagree with the validity of my truth and the facts.”

I didn’t watch the episode, but for those of you who did… please share your thoughts.  Who was the Shady Grady? Kenya or Phaedra?

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7 Responses to “RHOA: Kenya Moore Defends Her Actions”

  1. So sad….how utterly ridiculous! laughing my(appalled)azz off.
    This bissshhh done lost it(in my NeNe Leaks voice).
    Everything she claims Phaedra was trying to do to her… she did to herself. She should be ashamed of herself.
    I think we are Our Own most impactful REPRESENTATION!!!
    Former Miss U.S.A? Wow!

  2. I don’t believe Kenya. I think she has a credibility issue. Her actions at that even was the icing on the cake. I couldn’t believe how she invited Porsha out to kind of get her own Team Kenya when Kenya never took the time to apologize to her. She got upset with Porsha because Porsha wasn’t buying the BS so she reverted back to her true self with the name calling. If she was truly trying to prove a point, she could have just been a woman about it when Cynthia Snitch started telling her the stuff she told her.

    Maybe she’s only responding now because she thinks her title “FORMER” Miss USA is what keeps people into her, but she’s full of ish.

    Truth be told I don’t understand why Phaedra even trusted her in the beginning with the way she was fawning all over Apollo.

  3. E, was it your page with the info on phaedra messing with women’s husbands while befriending them? i read that somewhere…
    anyhow, kenya is so pathetic and embarrassing for all women. phaedra has her faults but kenya’s really the unstable one and shouldnt be on tv.

  4. Kenya’s antics are immature, assinine and prove that she is unstable. As previously stated in this feed, she has proven to the world that she has mental health issues. If she wanted to address the issue, she should have went to Phaedra face to face and not during a fundraiser. Honestly, it is ridiculous how alleged, “women” behave. I am over the messiness. They all need to grow up.

  5. She can’t defend CRAZY!!! It’s so much I can say on this but talking about Kenya any more will make me “Gone with the wind….CRAZY” like her. I agree with all the above statements….100000000%. You just dont show up to a “Charity” event dressed like that. Pure ignorance and immaturity. My 2 year old is way more mature than she is.

  6. I found it funny! The both are shady gradys. Even if Kenya is bipolar, Phaedra is a lawyer not a psychologist. It’s none of her business if Kenya is or isn’t a drunk. Kenya has her faults too, she need to stop running around telling everyone how Phaedra backstabbed her. GROW UP. What I want to know is did Phaedra really diss the Queens as Mr/Miss Lawrence said????

  7. She do got a stallion booty tho!

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