RHOA BlogLive: I’m Gone With The Wind Bytch

Kenya Moore

On Sunday night, BlogLive was back for RHOA and per the usual, Kenya Moore was the Star of the show.  Kenya is on 100 and I love it.  She gives full on crazy and makes it look easy.  She outdid herself this time with her “I’m gone with the wind fabulous” with several twirls for full effect.  NeNe Leakes gave Kenya the wonky eye, Phaedra said, “well, alright now” in her sarcastic tone, Cynthia just took it in and Kandi was somewhere w Todd releasing their nasty germs into a hot tub.  Just gross!! Other than that madness, the sane highlight of the episode was Cynthia and Peter’s vow renewal.  Peter cried, Cynthia cried, I cried, and most of the T.E.A. Partiers did as well.  It was a beautiful moment in reality tv.  Check some of the best comments of the night.  You won’t be disappointed!!

“How Cynthia gonna saw she aint see Kenya shake her azz in Peter face, but she turned around and look at Kenya poppin it in front of Peter….O_o”

Kenya sittin at the table looking all sad cause everybody else got some and Walter put her azz at the foot of the bed…lololol.”

“Oh lawd.. “bitch who are you in a relationship with cause it certainly ain’t nobody on this island!”" #quote of the night”

“E, I need you to give Kenya the award. The one you give for ppl to be quiet…” SIT YO AZZ DOWN AWARD, lol

“Who better than NeNe to smell a fake relationship.LOL

“NeNe had a real relationship, just a fake divorce”

“I love NeNe, she’s the realest fake person. But that’s why I love her, because she can check everyone but herself.LOL”

“Porsha clearly does not know the difference between white and creme.”

Not cool Kandi. Everybody did not need to know it. Now you will have fungus growing in your vaj jay. Yuck”

“Kandi must have left that pot for NeNe to stir…LMBO”

Kenya Moore

 ”Im gone with the wind fabulous. Bitch is movie night….I mean really…..bahahahaha”

“Kenya is crazy in the wind”

“If Kenya wasn’t on the show this season, it would b boring; I love her foolishness”

Kenya twirling around in that dress like she a little ballerina. B!tch crazy as hell. We just saw her 50 shades of crazy!!!”

“You know everybody gonna be twirling now, all the hoodrats.LOL”

“Just my thoughts, but Kenya if you have a PEDIGREE….your not begging your fake man to pop the question, your new to ATL and your belittling folks events, and FLIRTING with married men!!!!!”

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5 Responses to “RHOA BlogLive: I’m Gone With The Wind Bytch”

  1. OMG…Kenya is too much. Great recap of bloglive..I will lol forever seeing Kenya twirl as she is gone with the wind. This girl is for real crazy but you could tell she was lying when Nene called her out with her fake azz relationship.

  2. You lost me with this one EK…you got this bytch looking like an angle. She’s krazy like that glue.

  3. Lawd it was so much fun last night. All the comments had me rolling. I couldnt resist and had to join in on the fun. I can’t wait for the next liveBlog. Im living for them. Kenya is by far the craziest person I think I have seen in a while. She is bipolar to the 1000th power. That heffa went from 0-100000000 in .0395 seconds. Pure craziness. And the look on her face when She thought walter was proposing only to tell her abot cynthia’s vow renewal……..#classic……#epicfail. I cant wait to chat with everyone on the next live blog. Thx E!!! You really know how to bring the true tea to a party. :)

  4. Loved it, as always. Kenya doesn’t need Walter, she has enough with all the other voices in her head. Last night was a mix of Sybil and Scarlett O’Hara.

  5. LMBO. I do love the liveBlog! I feel like I’m sitting with everyone and chatting!

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