Red Carpet Fab: Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift


Jennifer Lopez stepped out at a promotional screening of her new film Parker showing off her curves in a Kaufman Franco gown.  The floor length white dress featured a number of strategically placed slits on the sides for her night out in Las Vegas on Thursday.


Back View

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift chose a beaded Kaufman Franco mini-dress with a plunging neckline for her appearance at the 40 Principales Awards in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday night.  She paired the dress with a Lorraine Schwartz ring and Christian Louboutin shoes.


Which Kaufman Franco dress do you like best? Which is more your style? Or do you like neither? I want to hear from you.  Oh, my favorite.  It would definately be Taylor’s, but I think both women know what works for their body type.  That’s what fashion is all about.  Finding what works for you and enjoying it!!

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7 Responses to “Red Carpet Fab: Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift”

  1. Here she goes with the 52 fake out again, that ain’t skin, that’s “nude” material! SMH

  2. Maan that is the 52 fake out!!

  3. what’s 52 fake out?

  4. i never heard of it. i think it may mean tricking you to think it’s something that it is not. i tried looking at the urban dictionary, but I was blocked.

    I like the front of J-ho I mean Los dress better. Overall neither

  5. I am a fan of Taylor’s dress. And I love her shoes.

    52 fake out:
    To deliberately mislead or misdirect. To cause someone to think or act a certain way based on incorrect information or actions.
    (also known as “throwing a 52″) -Urban Dictionary

  6. lol yes, it means she misled us into thinking that she was revealing something but she really wasn’t. Just like that golden globe dress…nothing see through about it

    can’t believe y’all never heard of the 52 fake out lol

  7. We used it a lot back in the day when a girl promised you the monkey but 52 fake you out by saying her period is on.

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