Quick Pic: Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton visiting The Willows Primary School on the Wythenshawe estate in Manchester today.  Kate is currently 6 months pregnant. 


Kate’s visit was designed to highlight a new school counseling program called M-PACT (she is the chairwoman), which is designed to provide support for children affected by parental drugs or alcohol abuse.  Kudos to Kate and best wishes to all the children and families that will be helped by this program.  Every little bit helps.  As Sonya B always says, be proactice not reactive!!

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3 Responses to “Quick Pic: Kate Middleton”

  1. That’s a lil bump

  2. LOL. You got me Boon:) Kate looks beautiful pregnant. Everyone else currently pregnant, excluding Halle, looks like Shamu and they aren’t even near their due dates. Kate is all baby and will have her girlish figure back in no time. Also, kudos for her involvement and being proactive:) Love it.

  3. 6 months pregnant? she’s so small

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