Quick Pic: Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington


Jamie Foxx displayed his best manners as he was photographed bowing to Kerry Washington during their Django Unchained photo call in Berlin.  Kerry seemed amused by his antics.  Unfortunately, I’m not amused by that bun Kerry has on the top of her head, but I guess that’s how they do it in Hollywood.  See another pic after the break.


Kerry is wearing a cream shift dress with a square chequered pattern, white heels by Christian Louboutin and a chunky headband with bow embellishment.  What do you think of this look? Share your thoughts.  FYI. New episodes of Scandal return on Thursday, January 10.

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7 Responses to “Quick Pic: Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington”

  1. Love the dress & shoes. Not lovin the headband. Kerry is placing herself ahead of the Hollywood regulars but dressing in a sophisticated style. Her “Scandal” look has bode well for viewers and it gives her a presence. I like that she doesn’t wear coochie cutters or leopard print skintight dresses. This look is reminiscent of Grace Kelly…Classic!

  2. It is a classic look Mrs. James!!

  3. umh, sorry, i’m not there yet. it’s just too much material in the tummy section. i love the conservative look but it needs more form and shape imo. it’s aging her too much.

  4. I hate the look

  5. It’s Haute (lpronounce that HAWT!), I think her shoes could have been a ‘lil smaller but the pain of standing for a long time in pumps = she’s forgiven. @ E: I hear you about the hair but style-wise she’s probably trying to stay as far away from OP’s usual. Wispy side french-braid+bangs with that dress?

  6. @ E: when you gonna take that double post down off of there?

  7. Sorry Tippy. I didn’t see it. A lot of times I don’t come back into the posts unless someone tells me something or send me a text or something. I removed it. :)

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