Quick Pic: Beyonce at Art Basel

Beyonce was photographed admiring this beautiful artwork on Sunday afternoon at Art Basel in Florida, an international contemporary art fair featuring special events, galleries, and exhibitions.  Kelly Rowland and Mama Tina also attended the fair with Bey.  In other Beyonce news, Houston’s finest has reportedly signed a $50 million dollar contract with Pepsi. I ain’t mad at that!! See the new advert after the break.

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9 Responses to “Quick Pic: Beyonce at Art Basel”

  1. I ain’t either. However, I am ROFLOL at Wendy Williams calling Bey out on her speaking skills!! A 5th grade level. LOL.

  2. I heard that, sonya. it’s so true and everyone knows it! i love beyonce’s shoes above.

  3. Wendy didn’t lie!!! Like pulling the string on a speak and say. The cow says mooooo.

  4. Those shoes are fire g

  5. Nice pics..Wendy keeps it 100

  6. LOL @E!!! She has gotten better though. When Destiny’s Child first came out, that poor thing couldn’t speak a lick!

  7. She just can’t seem to put into words what to say about this work of art. The easiest thing that comes to mind….Oh its nice.

  8. That artwork is of herself. She’s thinking of ways to incorporate herself into the picture

  9. You saw that right Keebs!!

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