Quick Pic: Adele w Baby Boy


Adele can be seen catching some fresh air with her baby boy while out for a stroll in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon.  In regards to sharing her baby’s name, Adele had this to say, “I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me… I am enjoying him on my own.”

OAN: This could have easily been a SAY SOMETHING NICE CHALLENGE, but I’m sensitive to the post pregnancy condition.  She’s off limits for maybe 3 more weeks.

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7 Responses to “Quick Pic: Adele w Baby Boy”

  1. Haha funny..3 more weeks

  2. LMBO! This is definitely a good one for that challenge

  3. Agreed

  4. This baby is kicking her butt. I had that look before. Poor soul. Yes give her 6weeks.LOL

  5. I can’t wait 3 more weeks…I can’t find anything nice to say except, the baby blanket looks like one my Auntie CeeCee made when my youngest was born!

  6. Come on Sistren. She had three more weeks. But since you went there….
    She would make a nice Casper. She’s very ghostly

  7. Yeah, she needs some time lol
    As they say in the church for encouragement…”Take your time baby!”

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