Porsha Stewart Covers Denim Magazine


For the January cover of Denim Magazine, RHOA star Porsha Stewart is wearing a curve-hugging peplum yellow skirt, paired with a red belt and white blouse.  While her fashion is on point, something is very off with Porsha’s makeup.  This does not even look like her.  This is a fail for me.  What say you? Share your thoughts.  In addition, if you watched RHOA last night.. did you agree with Porsha’s thoughts on a prenup?

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6 Responses to “Porsha Stewart Covers Denim Magazine”

  1. I love the outfit, and ponytail, But the bang and the make up is a no no. I don’t agree or disagree with her opinion of a prenup. If a person trust their soon to be spouse enough not to get it, oh well that’s them taking he risk. But if a person wants one, I think it doesn’t mean they are not in the marriage 100%. It just means they want to protect what they worked hard to get before the marriage, and if the other person truly loves them they would sign a prenup. If my hubby wa rich and wanted me to sign a prenup, I would. But I would have a baby every year. LOL, security…….LOL, I ain’t right!

  2. I agree with you 100% Shannon!! I would sign with no problem. And I don’t think it means you’re making anything bigger than the marriage. Things happen and people can get really spiteful when the love is gone. I think it’s wise to look out for yourself.

  3. Box of Rocks!

  4. She looks like a stepford wife

  5. Heeeeelllll NO!! Chic crazy and so is Kordell!!

  6. I would say she is dumb but she got kordell not to sign a prenup

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