NeNe Leakes Has a Few Words For Kandi Burruss

If you watched RHOA on Sunday night, Kandi made an offhand comment to Cynthia about NeNe only befriending people who can help her [something to that effect].  Here’s NeNe’s full response

There are things that were shown in this episode that I don’t agree with. Kandi speaks negatively about me once again: lies can sometimes be damaging! Kandi has no idea who my friends are other than Cynthia, what business relationships I have, and to be honest, she doesn’t even know me that well. It’s simply human nature for two people to meet one another and not really click, but let’s not speak about things we truly have no knowledge of! Kandi can’t name one person I’ve ever befriended for a reason, because there are none. I’m the type of lady that doesn’t look for friendship. If one develops, then I welcome it. Kandi loves to say she’s been in the business for 19 years and has accomplished so much. I wonder why I didn’t befriend her. Kim befriended her for a song! Maybe I should have befriended her so I could walk around all day with balls stuck in my vagina!”

Talk about Shade…. Because Kandi did ask Phaedra to try out one of her new products, Kegal balls. And of course freak/saint/usher board Phaedra was ready!!  Share your thoughts on the NeNe/Kandi dust up? Is it even a big deal.  Has NeNe become oversensitive? Or is Kandi a busy body who needs to keep it quiet more often than not.  Let’s discuss!!


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4 Responses to “NeNe Leakes Has a Few Words For Kandi Burruss”

  1. I don’t watch and can’t really comment on the present drama, but Kandi is a shyt-starter. She does what the old folks call “throwing the rock and hiding your hand”. She likes to play the innocent role, but she does keep mess going on too. Nene did make a good point about if she was befriending for benefits, she would have befriended Kandi. But, Nene needs to learn to be above it all like she pretends to be. Everything somebody says about you doesn’t deserve a retort, especially when you’re trying to establish yourself in the industry. This “hit me and I’ll hit you back” mentality is for the birds.

  2. Good points Sheka!! And yes, something about Kandi just doesn’t rub me right. She’s always in the mix of some mess.

    The key word is “pretend.” NeNe is pretending to be above it all, but she would love to get down and dirty in the drama. But her new and improved image won’t allow her.

  3. I’m hereeeeeeeee!!!! Here for NeNe….LOL, Kandi knew what she was doing when she made the comment to Cynthia which she knows is in friend love with NeNe. She knew it was going to get back, soon. She must have been told if she don’t spice up her storyline she was next to get the boot. She likes to be used so I guess she’s mad that NeNe won’t use her. But she sure is using Phaedra as a vibrating Guinea Pig.LOL But we know Phaedra don’t care, the way she be feeling herself up on camera then quoting a scripture. Ain’t nothing Holy but her Draws! But back to the topic. I can’t say anything about NeNe and this Tic for Tac thing because I do the same. I’m working on it. You can hold back for so long before you bite back. Honestly Kandi has been bashing NeNe since this season started from things that happened last season. All I can say is Kandi need to stop holding grudges especially if she’s not holding a grudge against Kim that never paid her. If your money don’t make you mad nothing else should. She’s mad because NeNe became friends with Marlo, AFTER THEY BROUGHT MARLO IN WITH THE NFL PLAYER THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY DATING NENE. They thought Marlo and NeNe were going to bump heads and it just didn’t happen. Then Marlo attacked them instead, so why are they mad?? Should kept their bail money and left Marlo in jail….LMBO, but i miss Marlo. We need somebody for Kenya!

  4. @sheka and shannon you guys are spot on.

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