Miley Cyrus Take Your Meds; Don’t Come For Queen Bey


All I can do is pray for this lil cockatoo.  Did she really come for the Queen in the March 2014 issue of Love Magazine.  Chile Sit! The 21 year old claims that Beyoncé has taken her eye off the ball and its created a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up and no one else can properly fill that void right now.  Oh ok Miley.  I guess you missed Bey moving 1 million copies with no promo.  Lordt, I hope you made these comments before that happened.  Check the break for more details.

According to Miley, Beyoncé has been out of the game too long and it’s time for younger artists like herself to shine.  Miley also made some interesting comments about motherhood and the “crap” it does to your body.  Stay tuned.  I will be updating this story as needed.  I’m still searching for the direct quote from Love Mag itself.  Messy, but diligent. :)



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2 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Take Your Meds; Don’t Come For Queen Bey”

  1. Miley, wants to be relevant for something. Poor baby

  2. Miley need to SIT!

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