Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Sales Skyrocket!


Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement has had a huge effect on her career — sales of her sex tape have increased since the baby news was confirmed on Sunday.  According to, Kim’s very graphic bedroom tape with former boyfriend Ray J has increased in sales by 80%.

“Kim K. Superstar”, which is owned by Vivid Entertainment, has increased gradually since she started dating rapper Kanye West, according to the adult film firm.

The last time the video had such a bump in sales was when she married NBA basketball player Kris Humphries, to whom she’s still legally married.

Is it possible that the menz want to snatch the tape up before her body goes south during pregnancy? Or maybe some ladies are looking for sex tips from Kim.  Don’t bother!! She’s a dead, lazy fuck.  I’m just grossed out that this chick is making mad dollars from “laying it low and spreading it wide”and just caught one of the most eligible bachelors out here.  Maybe, Kris sprinkled wonder dust in her poon.  It was bound to pay off at some point.  But Kudos to Ray J… he put in all the HARD work, might as well reap the residual benefits.  Get that money Willie Norwood’s son.  Share your thoughts!! Let’s discuss.


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7 Responses to “Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Sales Skyrocket!”

  1. You spoke nothing but the truth…I agree fully. I thought I was gonna see some action from her but all dead. A lot of wasted money!!!

  2. LMBO! Boring, waste of money. Maybe they are watching Ray! Nothing was exciting about that at all!

  3. oh wow, that’s terrible. i thought the tape had some action on it. do they (ray j and kim) both profit from the sales?

  4. Kim got the most upfront money 5mill. RayJ got 1mill. But they both get sales royalties. I’m sure Kris negotiated Kim a great percentage. I don’t know where Sonja Norwood was when it was time to broker Ray a good deal. Personally, i think he brokered his own deal to keep his fam in the dark. Kim ain’t got time for that and Kris don’t care. All they see is dolla signs

  5. That was a boring tape g. Kim is a lazy boring fuck. Just laid there like a board. It was like watching paint dry.

  6. oh that’s embarrassing! funny but embarrassing. wow, and they’re still making money on it! darn!!!

  7. i still haven’t seen this and that’s largely due to no real interest. from what I have seen of it, she was just laying there like a board. I pass. definitely won’t pay to see it lol

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