Kim Kardashian Has Nip Slip


Kim Kardashian almost let it all hang out while stepping out for lunch with friend Britney Gastineau on Sunday at Maria’s Italian Kitchen in LA. Kim’s low cut top gave the slightest peek of areola, which are kinda big.  [looks down at mine, lol.]  See more pics after the break.KimK2


What do you think of Kim’s look.  Would you rock it? I wonder if it’s even cold enough in LA for her Celine trench? I guess… The things celebrities do….

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4 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Has Nip Slip”

  1. Kim is another one that tries to hard. Why didn’t she have on a bra? Her jugs are huge and need that support. I think she intentionally did it for the attention. Fame whore. She even wore the coat for attention. She wants so bad to be seen as a fashion/style icon.

  2. Well, she can.give that idea up. The fashion gawds have already spoken on that one. So she can hang that coat up and put them tittays in. not goin happen captain.

  3. I wish she would get rid of the blonde and go back black.Try as he may, Kanye cannot turn her into Beyonce. But the rest of this look is meh. But the car is HOT!

  4. It did? Where? Lemme see!

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