Kerry Washington Covers Uptown Magazine

There’s just something about Kerry Washington.  She’s not overtly sexy, but her appeal is full blown.  The way she looks at the camera.  It’s soft, alluring, and captures you every time.  Kerry Washington is the new IT girl in my book and she’s giving HEAT in the latest issue of UPTOWN Magazine.  Check out a few highlights from her cover story below:

On what drew her to Django and the controversy around the movie:

“I’ve never seen slavery dealt with this way before in film. So often it’s a white character who’s the savior of black people.  We should have a plethora of visions and interpretations of who we are as a nation.”

On the culture shock when she was enrolled in an upper east side private school:

Prior to Spence, Washington thought her working-middle-class family was balling. “We had a microwave and two cars. We had a dishwasher before anyone in the building,” she says. “And then you go to this other world, and it’s, ‘Oh, we’re taking a helicopter to your house in the Hamptons?’ For a lot of classmates I knew the only other black women they’d known were their domestic help.”

On how she got interested in acting:

During her junior year at Spence, Washington, who had been toying with theater for some time, entered an acting competition sponsored by the National YoungArts Foundation, and was invited to the finals in Miami. Her showing there put her on the radar of colleges with strong arts programs, such as Carnegie Mellon and NYU. Both offered full rides. Instead, she chose George Washington University, where she was required to audition for every play as part of her scholarship. “It was like being on the basketball team,” she says. “I rarely got benched.”

On why she’s no saint:

“If you look at my body of work, I’ve always taken huge risks. I’ve played prostitutes, drug addicts, pimping lesbians. I do work I’m drawn to.”

On leaving the entertainment business:

“Sometimes I feel like I can’t do this anymore.” Almost once a year, her hair and makeup folks hear it: “I am done! I’m so done.” They just ignore here now.

To read Kerry’s full story (and it’s well worth it) visit Uptown Magazine

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8 Responses to “Kerry Washington Covers Uptown Magazine”

  1. I love Ms. Washington. She is not afraid to play any part and she is such a great actress. And yes, she does have this soft sexiness about her.

  2. She is an awesome actress and Scandal keeps me on the edge of my seat.Beautiful pics!!

  3. I love ms washington and scandal is the best show on tv

  4. Loveeeee her. E, can you investigate to see if she has a man? She would not tell Wendy…but thats understandable.

  5. Kerry is in the limelight right now. It’s her time & she’s not letting us down!

  6. She’s giving us FACE FACE FACE lots of FACE. She’s so Haute Couture!

  7. I shall see Yam.

  8. She can stand to eat a sammich or two to fill out those thigh highs, but that’s a nice cover!

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