Kenya Moore: It’s Not Her, It’s Walter


From Kenya’s Bravo Blog:

Much has been made about me pressuring a man to marry me. Despite how it seems at times, I’m not crazy. I am, however, a hopeless romantic and appear anxious for marriage on the show to a man who clearly has his own agenda. On the one hand Walter says there are “3 days left and anything can happen… Anguilla would be a beautiful place to get married or elope.” I assure you my behavior is warranted. My mistake started when you rely on a man’s words and not his ACTIONS.

Unfortunately, I put my trust into Walter and believed his intentions were genuine. His true feelings are being shown to me and everyone else whilst in Anguilla. My trust, respect, faith, and feelings are rapidly deteriorating when I see his duplicitous behavior at every turn. Of course the cameras don’t catch everything a couple discusses. With that being said, our relationship issues will come to light on the upcoming shows. It can’t come and go fast enough for me. If Anguilla was paradise, this is hell to relive.

Right right Kenya… It’s all Walter’s fault. He led a maneater like you on. Ok, if you say so.  What do you all think because words escape me presently.  Share your thoughts!!  Is Kenya the victim of Walter’s games and lies? Its hard for me to even type those words, but Uncle Frank did have a love child on Moesha.  Shameful the way that show sullied Uncle Frank’s legacy.  And Walter and Uncle Frank do resemble.  I’m trying to connect the dots here people.  Could Walter the Tow Truck Man be a unsavory charlatan? What say you?

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11 Responses to “Kenya Moore: It’s Not Her, It’s Walter”

  1. Dead…@And Walter and Uncle Frank do resemble, lol.
    Kenya is just crazy and there is no other way to say that. She want a man and a baby so bad, the bish got vision boards in every room. Walter should not have even said anything about “a lot can happen in three days”. He knew her azz was going to run with that shyt.

  2. At first I thought Kenya was delusional…I still do. However, I also feel that Walter is/was an opportunist who saw coming on the show as a way to get free marketing for his business. I think that his words to someone not desperate to get married and have kids wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But to someone who’s every thought is consumed with marriage and babies, his words can be misconstued as wedding bells are in the near future. I believe he led her on for a while until he realized that she was seriously pressuring him to put a ring on it. Those tears and red eyes in Anguilla were real if you ask me. Kenya is not that good of an actress to play that hurt and paid so well. Shame on them both and you have to be careful of the words you speak when it comes to matters of the heart.

  3. First, I’m dead at the vision board Happy. Go find a corner, one leg up and stick your nose on that wall. I don’t want to hear from your AZZ for 20 minutes. Consider yourself on 3rd grade timeout.

    Sharon, you are on to something. While Kenya is indeed a maneater… Uncle Frank is no simple man. That motherfather had Dekalb County Towing shirts on in 3 out of 4 scenes. Walter came to get more tow trucks calls. He heard little of what Kenya was saying about marriage until that shyt hit the fan.

  4. A woman with marriage on the brain will hear what she wants. WHile Walter’s statement was leading, common sense should have told Kenya to not put the carriage before the horse. Walter is clearly not ready to settle down, well at least not with Kenya and I think he has been making that clear to her throughout the season thus far by him not commenting on some of her assinine remarks. He just smiles, say huh um, and keeps it moving. Meaning get the heck out of here with that BS. Kenya needs to slow her role or seek out a donor for a baby because if she continues on this road, the same thing will happen again. A man cannot nor should he be pressured into marriage. When he is ready, it iwll happen.

  5. Hey! So are we buying that this is a real relationship and that she did not pay him to be on the show?

  6. I am with you Sonya. Walter may have had a small string attached and was leading her but Kenya is no teenager who can’t get a clue.

  7. No, this was not a real relationship. I don’t think so. But I do think Walter saw the benefit of coming on the show to promote his business. I don’t think he paid much attention to anything else Kenya was saying until she really tried to press the point home about marriage.

  8. Maybe that was the small string. I’ll play along with Kenya a lil bit to get this free promotion. But she took it too far. She had to know Walter was not trying to marry her. But Walter wanted that free promotion

  9. Hell, I don’t blame Walter for being a businessman!! Free advertisement and he doesn’t have to act a fool like the rest of those monkeys, why not!! He would have been a fool not to. I know one thing, Walter had on his business shirt and hat in almost every episode. Way to milk the system Walter. LOL

  10. Gotta give it up to Walter.

  11. Kenya probably sold him on being able to promote his business. She is probably just acting. She can’t be that crazy.

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