Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Have Spawned!!


Kris Humphries wife Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West rung in the New Year at 10ak Nightclub in Las Vegas on Monday.  Kim showed off her three-months pregnant body by her lover Kanye in an unusual sheer black dress (I’m already disturbed) while Kanye wore a black suit and white button-down shirt.  Please Kim, take your AZZ to Motherhood Maternity and save me these bullshyt avant garde looks.  Now, moving on.  The Kartrashians worked this empty headed negro!! “We’ll be your family, We love you.”  And bam, golden sperm in Kim’s tired and turned out puzzy.  She can rest now.  That puzzy has hit the big leagues!!  Check the celebration of Kris and Kim as Kanye makes the announcement.  They see the dolla signs..

Kris and Kim celebrating

Kanye made the big announcement during his Revel concert in Atlantic City on December 30, 2012.  His exact words, “stop the music for my baby mama.” Laawddd.  See the video below

Looks like the Mayans were on to something after all…..


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13 Responses to “Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Have Spawned!!”

  1. Girl, this whole situation is a hot, funky mess. She was married once before, divorced and got married again. Yet, while still being married the 2nd time, she is pregnant by her lover. Despite the fact that her current husband wanted a child. Can you say WHORE. I am livid Kanye’s assinine, ignorant (yes both) behind impregnanted the holloywood whore. This speaks volumes about his character.

  2. This situation bothers my spirit and my soul. This breaks my heart and also pisses me off. Kanye is a sad soul…he desires love, affection and attention and Kim provided all three…for her benefit. Kanye is weak and Kim took advantage of the opportunity to “love and nurture” him..,he reminds me of a helpless puppy. He fell for the Kardashian curse and is now stuck. Kim finally has her golden egg. Sad, sad, sad situation.

  3. Everything ya’ll said. I’m in pain.

  4. I was just reading his families ALLEGED reaction on another website. It appears his family was not jumping for joy when he told them. A cousin said they were all shocked and wondered after all this time and all the women Yeezy had been with, how Kim was the one who managed to get knocked up. LOL

  5. Because kim got that wonder poon.

  6. She don’t have no wonder poon. That’s why she has been tossed around Hollywood like a dirty dishrag. Kanye is stupid. All I hear is “and when he get on he leave your a@@ for a white girl”

  7. lmao @ dirty dishrag!!!!
    Kim and her family runs game on these dummies

  8. I’d still hit the dishrag!

  9. @cee they don’t call her kimmie kakes for nothing.

  10. Preach!
    I like kake!

  11. Me too!!! Mmmm

  12. E, I love how you referred to her as “Kris Humphries wife”. Yes, let’s call it what it is. How can y’all revel in happiness when this is somebody else’s wife. Bump not letting the ink dry on the divorce papers, this hooker didn’t even let the ink dry on the marriage license!! I will NOT be tuning in to the reality show that is sure to follow!!

  13. Neither will I Sheka.

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