I’ve Seen Her Look Worse…


Lil Kim was spotted out in West Hollywood on last Friday looking like an Asian cat, whatever the hell that is.  I wasn’t taken aback, as she has looked much worse in the past.  I’m pretty much numb to the many changing faces of Lil Kim.

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7 Responses to “I’ve Seen Her Look Worse…”

  1. She has ruined her face with all those surgeries. Honestly, to me she looks like the butchered old lady on Real Housewives of Miami. A hot, funky, mess that no plastic surgeon can help. It looks as if her face has no feelings in it.

  2. I don’t know eartha kittens. She f’ed her face up. WOW

  3. Reminds me of Catherine Jackson a lil bit.
    I wonder if after all of the surgery & botox can she still make a Sprite can disappear in her mouth! 0_o

  4. Don’t put that lie on Kat Cee…

  5. Scary I tell ya. Just scary!!!

  6. She starting to looking like one of those puppets off Little Shop of Horrors…..smh

  7. I will never understand these women. She looks crazy, her and Vivica Fox look a mess. Sorry I just had to throw Vivica in there.

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