It’s Safe To Say Chris Brown Got Rihanna’s Attention


You can almost always count on Rihanna to fall for Chris Brown’s bullshat every single time.  Girl, when Chris posted that picture of them with the kissy face… that’s all she needed.  In response to his picture, she posted one of her own on Instagram yesterday.  It shows the two of them holding hands.  How sweet. NOT!! Chris and Rhi annoy me to no end.  Howse about shit or get off the toilet!!  See a picture after the break of Rihanna enjoying sunny Barbados.


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9 Responses to “It’s Safe To Say Chris Brown Got Rihanna’s Attention”

  1. Ain’t CB your boy?

  2. Yes, he’s my boy. But he still gets on my nerves.

  3. I’m so over these two.

  4. LMBO. E keeps it real! I was just looking at her pic and wondering who’s zooming who?

  5. I’m with you E, enough already!!

  6. I’m tired of these two…

  7. Look at that body

  8. I here for these two. I love them both

  9. I like Chris Brown’s music and Rihanna’s too. Not sure if they are the greatest couple.. Who knows? I remember that huge fight they got into! I never got a chance to see Rihanna’s face.. They said it was bruised up pretty bad.

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