I Spy With My Little Eye: The Steven Tyler Edition

Steven Tyler

I debated posting this photo because I didn’t want to be insensitive to Steven Tyler’s foot ailment.  Mr. Tyler suffers from Morton’s neuroma which was caused from years of performing stage routines in shoes that were too small.  This is true.  He did it to himself.  Running around on stage with those lil pointy shoes.  This feels wrong.  Oh well…. Click Read More to see another pic after the break.

StevenTylerCloseupYou have to appreciate how he took the time to polish them up so nicely!!

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26 Responses to “I Spy With My Little Eye: The Steven Tyler Edition”

  1. OMG, disgusting. Put on some aqua water shoes man! Reminds me of the Chinese women feet that have been binded!

  2. What the hell!!?

  3. lmao. Great idea Shan. I was thinking “put some socks on please.”

  4. How could he run around in shoes that were to small. I can’t stand for my feet to hurt. I can’t get over this pic….

  5. Raggedy foot and all…I love Steven Tyler. He’s at a place in his life where he’s like Eff it, I have fugly feet. <3 You Steven!

  6. That is so disgusting

  7. I’m sorry. All that money he made and they couldn’t get him a pair of shoes that fit? I don’t get it. Is there no surgical solution for this? I can only imagine how painful it must be.

  8. @ Shannon: Bound = Past tense of Bind
    @ Mrs. James: Right?! His contribution to music and ‘drug testing’
    far outweigh his current senior citizen looks.
    @ E: You left out the titties, and knocked-knees – who am I
    kidding? The man is worth more than 130M, those toes were
    literally associated with his job, we can call it even on
    his workman’s comp claim!

  9. He’s had surgeries for it Tia. He said post surgery and rehabilitation is very painful. I guess he’s decided to let it be. As for the shoes that didn’t fit, that was purposeful. In the 70′s that was the thing apparently.

  10. Thanks for the correction Tippy, I was contemplating between the two.

  11. F Tippy @ shannon…we’re not here for a English lesson we’re here for gossip

  12. LMBO

  13. No, not F Tippy.

  14. No, not F Tippy @ Blackface….Fuck you!!!
    why are you offended, and you weren’t even corrected!!!

  15. @ Tenny you want me don’t cha. Not this time boo maybe later. Tippyontoes AKA tippytoes knows she was being mean.

  16. Now Teeny you can correct the spelling of your name… Lol

  17. @Blackface, I’ll take a pass on you NOW and LATER….. Tippy was making a correction, and you saying F her was the definition of being mean, which is what I’m doing touche`!!!!

  18. Good thing you care cause I don’t!!

  19. Ump, (giggles to self) Most definitely NOT F Tippy.
    Package deal comes with: (1) Know-it-all, (1) Ride-Or-Die, (1) Straight Razor… (1) Back-Peddling-Blackface, Optional.

  20. Da fudge is wrong with his damn toes. Looks like they tryna snap. Smmfh. He sagging in all the wrong places , he looks like a…….nothing……and to top it off his foot looks like this……..he just cant win……

  21. BLACKFACE dont back peddle from real beef. You clowns are internet gangstas. What y’all lesbos eating each other out on here. (1) side chick (2) no husband (3)baby mamas…now tell me I’m lying. the easiest way to sum a angry know it all black woman up!!! Only respond if I told the truth.

  22. Bwahahaha you… are beyond comical. As for the above posted comment, (sigh) I know my truth, you sound desperate to make up one that discredits it. Somebody’s nose is stinging, teehee.

  23. Please everyone let’s make Love not War. Do not use profane language directed towards other members of the blog. Let’s not be mean spirited and attack each other in this E-community.


  24. LMFAO!! I’m done…I’m cool EK! Imma leave it alone.

  25. But of course Madame! We’d like to thank you for the opportunity to entertain ourselves/each other and (those of us who can) promise to revert to Your standard and ALWAYS keep it classy.

  26. I’ll respect your request E……

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