Gloria James, Lebron James’ Mother, Settles Pimp Slap Lawsuit


Miami Heat superstar LeBron James‘ mother, Gloria James, has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought against her by a valet she slapped because he didn’t bring her car fast enough. *yes, you read that right*

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, although a source familiar with the case said Gloria James will be paying ex-Fontainebleau Miami Beach valet Rock Feller Sorel for his trouble.

According to the lawsuit, Sorel claimed to be emotionally scarred because of the national attention brought on him by the case.  Neither Chris Lyons nor Sandy Becher, Gloria’s lawyers, nor Bob Stok, Sorel’s lawyer, commented.

The lawsuit was filed nearly two years ago, in the wake of the incident that had Gloria James arrested for battery and disorderly intoxication.  The first charge was dropped and she was sentenced to community service for the second.

On the civil front, Gloria James was accused of abusing her “quasi-celebrity” status and “flouting” the justice system by Sorel’s lawyer.

Truth be told, Gloria James should have been settled because she was dead wrong for slapping that guy.  It was the alcohol and a sense of entitlement.  Get over yourself lady…. And pay up!!


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4 Responses to “Gloria James, Lebron James’ Mother, Settles Pimp Slap Lawsuit”

  1. Omg..did this woman really slapped the valet

  2. Anyone taking odds on how much it was? I say he aimed for 2.3M and got bargained down to (minus one assault charge, plus one angry loud black woman stigma) just under 250K to keep his mouth shut. What say you?

  3. @tippy I’ll double down on that. She got 100k for that slap plus attorney fees

  4. Well since we practically agree on the final figure, we’ll have the Over Under be WHEN the final figure makes it to the papers: I call April

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