Former Premier and LisaRaye’s Ex-Husand Michael Misick Arrested

Lisa Raye’s ex-husband, the former premier of Turks and Caicos Michael Misick, has been arrested in Brazil on corruption charges on an international warrant.  Michael Misick fled the British overseas territory in 2009 after a report exposed widespread corruption.

The former prime minister is alleged to have amassed a personal fortune of $180m and lived a lavish lifestyle.  He was detained by Brazil’s federal police in Rio de Janeiro as he was about to board a plane for Sao Paulo yesterday and will now be extradited back to the Caribbean islands to stand trial.

Misick is suspected of corruption, misusing public money and profiting from the sale of government land to developers.  LisaRaye and Michael Misick had a very MESSY MESSY break-up after she caught him having an affair with former 106 and Park host Rocsi Diaz [yes, Rocsi is a young old hoe], as well as, other local island women.


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10 Responses to “Former Premier and LisaRaye’s Ex-Husand Michael Misick Arrested”

  1. I’m glad that LisaRaye is rid of his corrupt @ss. Hate she had to deal with the infidelity, but it could have been worse. Everyone deserves true happiness

  2. She [Lisa] openly admitted that she didn’t know him when she married him and thought she would ‘Grow to love him’. To go in on him like he was a super villain, when she didn’t do her due-diligence, is absurd. Chasing that M.R.S. degree without looking… smh.

  3. I remember that Tippy. I gotta say I feel no sympathy for ole Lisa on this one Keebs. She knew what she was stepping into. She saw the flashing lights and went for it. She didn’t know or love that man. Now, as for what he did to his country… that’s messed up. British Parliament stepped in and took control over the tiny island.. shyt was so corrupt over there under his watch.

  4. Neva mind how the “the island” paid Lisa a big phat check to be the Face of the Island. She was just as bad as him.

  5. So true, TippyToes. At least she won’t get caught up in this scandal.

  6. Truly Diamond better be glad she made her AZZ up outta there. She, too, could be in the clink right now.

  7. Lisa/diamond is no victim here. She’s just as worst as him.

  8. Ok ! Maybe she wasn’t innocent in marrying him, but I am glad that at least he going down on his own with that stuff he did!

  9. Lisa was on top until it all came crashing down. Couldn’t tell Lisa shyt when she was the First Lady

  10. Yeah she loved the limelight. Marrying for money is never a good thing. But she got out in the knick of time….

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