Exterminator Kills Pediatrician Because She “Belittled Him”


An exterminator has been charged with the murder of a pediatrician, Melissa Ketunuti, who was strangled, bound and burned in her apartment after he confessed to police he did it because she ‘belittled him’.

Jason T. Smith, 36, an exterminator of Levittown, Pennsylvania, made a full confession and was charged with the murder of Dr Melissa Ketunuti, as well as arson, abuse of a corpse and causing/risking a catastrophe.


Smith told investigators he committed the crime because he felt like Ketunuti was disrespecting him and belittling him when he performed work on her home.

Smith went to the doctor’s home originally because of a rodent problem in her basement.  An argument ensued, he struck her, she fell to the ground and he started to strangle her with a rope and set her on fire, police revealed in a press conference.  After he killed her, he went straight to another job in New Jersey.

During his confession, Jason Smith revealed he had an addiction to prescription painkillers.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that fact is at the crux of this innocent woman losing her life.  This man could have been high or wanted to get high and would have done anything to fulfill that need.  It just makes you take a second thought and how dangerous it truly is when you invite strangers into your home.  Share your thoughts!! Let’s discuss.

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6 Responses to “Exterminator Kills Pediatrician Because She “Belittled Him””

  1. that is true about inviting strangers into or around your home. I used to use this lawn service when we didn’t want to mow the lawn and it was getting too hot. At some point, I told them that I wasn’t going to use them, mainly to save money. One day my husband was home and the car was parked in the garage. He came out saw the lawn service guy out their taking our straw from our trees using it for our neighbors lawn. You know they were charging the neighbors for straw, though. You just can’t trust people.

  2. What!! That is crazy Keebs.. How are they stealing from ya’ll and charging somebody else. Mess

  3. I had a lawn guy that got upset because I allowed another lawn company cut my grass. He knocked on my door and was pissed. He left and on his way out he said my lawn looked f’ed up. PEOPLE! !

  4. seeee, that’s some mess! awful! i’m gonna send this story to my husband and a few other folks. they look at me crazy when i say, “there wont be any contractors here if my husband’s not here”. hmm. stuff like this makes it difficult to trust folks to enter your home despite security measures.

  5. G, I’m the EXACT same way. I don’t even answer my door if I don’t expect company. If my husband isn’t home, ain’t nobody coming up in my house!

  6. LMBO @Cuzo! How they gonna tell you how to spend your money! U right, PEOPLE!

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