Ex-Boyfriend Says Kevin Clash ‘Had An Affinity For Younger Men’

One of Kevin Clash’s ex-boyfriends has defended the former Sesame Street puppeteer, saying that while Clash likes younger men, he doesn’t “prey on them.”

Jason Murray told E! News he met Kevin at a gay club in Manhattan in 2004, when he was 21. “Kevin is not a villain. Yes, he had an affinity for younger men, but what successful [straight] man doesn’t have an affinity for younger women? It’s the same thing, gay or not.”

He continues, “I think it’s like Hugh Hefner, he dates younger women. Kevin likes younger guys. I am reading the news and all the negative stuff. I don’t see it. He had a good heart.”

Kevin Clash settled with his first accuser out of court for $125,000, although now the man says he was pressured into the settlement and is re-thinking it. Two other men have also come forward to sue Clash, claiming they had underage relationships with him.

I already told you all where I stood on this.  I don’t think he preyed on these men.  I wonder if he even knew their ages, except that they were young.  Kevin should have been checking ID’s because you can’t be foolish out here.  This is an older man of means who was out here tricking on young boys and now.. it’s come back to haunt him.  I don’t feel bad for him.  Screw him.  I feel bad for sweet Elmo!!

And is this guy Jason Murray really helping? I get it, but sometimes it’s best to just stay quiet and let folks fight their own battles.  What say you?


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3 Responses to “Ex-Boyfriend Says Kevin Clash ‘Had An Affinity For Younger Men’”

  1. I can see where he’s coming from with his statements. It’s kind of like saying, the people are making him out to be a monster that the ex doesn’t think exists. I agree sometimes it’s best to keep quiet. Who knows, it could help him. I didn’t get the vibe from the stories that he was an underage predator like some of the priests in the Catholic church and other religious affiliations.

    I just hate he has to soil Elmo’s wholesome image

  2. Since World AIDS Day is Saturday, I just want to say again for the last time…. Get tested! This type of stuff happens all the time to straight and gay men of means and without. People will TALK when things fall a part and when they see others getting money for the same thing they did.

  3. Never leave food out for the roaches. That’s how they multiply and you’ll never get rid of them. He should have never paid that guy, now look at all these other guys coming from everywhere.

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