Evelyn Lozada Explains Her “Date” With Chad OchoCinco Johnson

ev and chad

“I wanted to wish you a happy and safe New Year and take time to address a few rumors and unanswered questions about last night. It seems as though things have gotten a wee bit out of control.

I attended a dinner with Chad’s daughter, not only because I love baby girl like my own, but to support Chad and his fan appreciation dinner. While at the dinner, several photos popped up on the Internet of Chad and I holding hands, while in the process of blessing the food. The blogs made last night seem as though, we walked hand and hand into the restaurant announcing a reunion, which wasn’t the case.

I care for Chad, we are friends and we love one another, however, we are still separated, not living under the same roof and working on ourselves because we have a long way to go. This is a normal and realistic process for anyone and I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know God holds it and I’m taking things one day at a time. I appreciate the love from so many of you and right now I’m still working on becoming a better person. Chad and I are attending therapy separately, meeting with a Life Coach and trying to figure out how to work on our individual selves and navigate through this entire ordeal.


I wanted you to hear this from me and only me because I would rather you know the truth, than assume. :)



Blah Blah Blah… Evelyn is saying a whole lot of nothing.  I guess she’s trying to save face with Iyanla or whoever.  Tell the truth girl…. You and Chad are banging headboards and are back together for all intents and purposes.  Ya’ll just waiting for VH1 to buy off on that reality show again.  Next!!! Share your thoughts T.E.A. Partiers!!


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6 Responses to “Evelyn Lozada Explains Her “Date” With Chad OchoCinco Johnson”

  1. I agree. She wasn’t prepared for the backlash she got. Now she trying to save face. I guess she thought it could be like C-breezy and Rhi.

  2. She makes my stomach hurt. Lies and more damn lies because WE all know the real. As was said by a few on T.E.A. FB page, I smell a stunt brewing.

  3. I wish em the best!

  4. If you are not at the point where you can attend therapy together, why are you at the B’day party standing side by side holding hands? I understand the love for the child but being at the party with the man you claimed abused you and looking like your still together is not a good look. Take her shopping or send a gift. She could have thought of a better lie…JMO

  5. Evelyn is a trip. She was testing the waters and the waters burned her feet. She is no Chris and Rhi. They were apart 3 years… I mean really. And she is always bringing his daughter into it. Where is the daughter’s mother? You’d think Ev is the only woman in Jicyra life

  6. I agree. I think the backlash was too much for the attention seeker.

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