Eva Longoria Shows Off Removed Tony Parker Tattoo

It’s not often a Hollywood beauty rushes to show off a blotchy patch of red skin, but Eva Longoria is more than happy to show her scorched neck… because it means she’s almost free.

The 37-year-old has been enduring painful laser sessions to remove the ‘Nine’ tattoo that once sat in pride of place on the back of her neck in tribute to her then husband, Tony Parker.

The ink was a reference to the French born Spurs player’s basketball jersey, and the Desperate Housewives star wore it with pride after her romantic 2007 wedding to the 30-year-old.

All that changed in 2010, of course, when she found dozens of texts to another woman on her husband’s phone… that woman turned out to be Erin Barry, the former wife of Parker’s former teammate and someone the couple had socialized with frequently.

Eat your heart out Tony Parker!!

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7 Responses to “Eva Longoria Shows Off Removed Tony Parker Tattoo”

  1. Those tats ain’t no joke. But I guess she was caught off guard by him and his cheating ways. She’s a beautiful woman.

  2. Can you say ERASED! lol.

  3. She is gorgeous! I was trying to figure out what that tat said. Thanks for the clarification. Yet another reason I will never tattoo a boyfriend/husband/significant other’s name on my body.

  4. I would NEVER get a tattoo of a dude’s name. Not even my hubby’s. I get mad with him… I’d try to peel that thing off me. I am not into that.

  5. This is always a foolish mistake

  6. i was upset with her when she got it smh

  7. LOL!! I agree with you, E, but I’m not getting ANYTHING tatooed on me…just not my thing. Eva is such a pretty lady though.

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