Deion Sanders Wins Custody Battle


After a messy fight to the finish line, Deion Sanders has won primary custody of his three kids.  A Dallas jury gave Deion full physical and legal custody of his two sons, and shared custody of his 9-year-old daughter he shares with Pilar. After court, the two took to Twitter where Pilar shared how surprised she was, while Deion rejoiced.

“God’s Love Endures Forever! The Lord Is My Strength and My Song!” I’ve never seen anything like this! WOWOWOW!” tweeted Pilar.

“GOD IS SO GOOD AND FAITHFUL! !!! GOD IS SO WONDERFUL! TRUTH … Thank all of you whom prayed for me and my children. The Truth is what it is. Never doubt God! Truth … Thank all of you whom prayed for me and my children. The Truth is what it is. Never doubt God! Truth” Deion continued to tweet over and over again.

GOD this GOD that… I don’t buy it or feel it.  These are two people who both wanted to “win” and none of their behavior seemed godly or God-like.  I am happy this case is over and I hope they’ll move on with their lives.  Share your thoughts on the outcome of the case? What are your thoughts on “separating” children where the boys go with the father and the girls stay with the mother.  Is that a reasonable solution?  Let’s discuss!!


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3 Responses to “Deion Sanders Wins Custody Battle”

  1. I think money changed hands behind the scenes and/or something fishy went wrong. Both of them are crazy and unstable to me. I wish the best for the children.

  2. Must be the MONEY

  3. I was waiting to comment on this one. Okay, first of all, I 100% agree with the judge’s ruling. A woman cannot teach a man how to be a man. In addition, I think Pilar only wanted the kids to financially secure her future. They daughter will be with Deion but he will share custody with Pilar. I think the judge looked out for the children’s best interest with this ruling.

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