Chris Brown Breaks Down on Instagram Says “Enough is Enough”


Chris Brown took to Instagram last night and wrote a lengthy diatribe about how he’s had enough of the negativity in his life.  Throughout the text of his post, Breezy reiterated the same message, stating that he prays “every day and night for a new outcome.”

Brown has faced his fair share of legal troubles in 2013 alone. Last week, he engaged in an altercation with Frank Ocean at a Los Angeles, California recording studio over a parking lot.  Just yesterday, Brown responded to the L.A. County District Attorney for claiming that he faked his own community service hours, stating that the filing to revoke his probation was a “frivolous, scurrilous and frankly defamatory motion.”  Tell em Chris!!

Check the full text below


The reality of Chris Brown’s situation is that he will forever be cast as a villian.  Some people will never forgive or let him move on.  The media is especially unforgiving.  They will build you up and they will tear you down.  I believe if Chris truly wants peace in his life… maybe he needs to walk away from this music business.  That’s a tall order, but I don’t believe he’s going to get a reprieve from his past or future shortcomings any other way.  His demons are only going to get worse because the way he’s coping now with the continued backlash is not working.  The tattoos, radical hair changes, anger issues… that’s a cry for help.  “If you think I’m bad, I’ll give you bad.” It hurts my heart to see people so indifferent or uncaring about a young person: rich, famous, or otherwise that is obviously hurting.  And then you wonder why he and Rihanna keep gravitating towards each other.  They are both broken.  But contrary to what our math teachers have taught us, two halves do not make a whole.

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13 Responses to “Chris Brown Breaks Down on Instagram Says “Enough is Enough””

  1. Wah! Poor me

  2. whatever cuzo

  3. I think even if he doesn’t agree to walk away from music, he should stop giving in to the media. Meaning responding to everything. If he does that, and turns it off, he should be able to deal with it better. It’s kind of like what u say E but focus on what he loves and leave the rest up to imagination and speculation. The ones who are never going to forgive him, they won’t but if he focuses on himself, he can better deal with those demons. There is little retribution that he can do to win back their graces and he lives his life to be a public mirror and an open spectacle to allow others to take continual shots at him. I could go down the list of the foolish that he has allowed to get shown on camera, but I won’t because most people keep their family secrets behind closed doors. He’s choosing to air his immaturity and wants people to deal with it, and they are not. I feel for him, I wish he stops giving the media what they want.

  4. Chris Brown is his own worst enemy. He has to take full responsibility on his actions, align himself with the right crowd and most of all seek God (yes, I had to throw the God aspect in the mix). Brown’s action are outcries for help, but he like anyone else must first help himself.

  5. Very well stated, E. I definitely feel where you’re coming from. Sadly, his rep will always follow him. I hope that he is able to make the best of his situation and find some inner peace.

  6. I agree with that Sonya, but I don’t think he necessarily has the tools. I know I tend to think everybody has the ability to self evaluate, but I’m learning everyday… something is not right with these peoples’ frontal lobes. They’re just dumb as hell.

    I’m with you Sheka. It was be really hard to feel constantly tormented. If you don’t have peace of mind, you don’t have anything.

    I think it’s his immaturity Keebs that keeps him responding. I’m telling you something is wrong with these kids. It’s like they have no coping skills. I feel like my peer group was light years ahead of the kids I see today.

  7. Eartha, I love your input on things. You point out a perspective, I would otherwise not see. I admire your intelligence and the way you divulge into assessing an issue. I sure do miss hanging out with you and the stimulating conversations we had face to face. (no homo) *cyber hug*

  8. i miss you too girl, a lot!! *cyber hug*
    You always give me a different perspective on issues as well and we can always reach a middle ground or a mutually respectful “agree to disagree.” I love that about our friendship.

  9. Too much to read….next

  10. whatever Cee

  11. But er um Cee and Cuzo… I don’t much ‘preciate the Chris Brown shade.

  12. Well E, he wanted this career. He can stop at any time but he’s not. This is the hazard of the job.

  13. Poor baby…. Sounds like it’s time to take a break.

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