Chris Brown and Rihanna Show Off Their Matching Watches

LMAO.  Deal Deal Deal with it!!! Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together and apparently.. loving every minute of it. Not to mention all the attention they’re receiving.  *For a celeb, all attention is good cause if we ain’t talking about you, that means you’ve fallen off.*  Anywho, show off those rollies.  And let the haters know.. this is own ya’llz terms, no one else’s. #Church

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6 Responses to “Chris Brown and Rihanna Show Off Their Matching Watches”

  1. Nice time pieces…I like

  2. I ain’t even mad…Floss those beautiful timepieces

  3. Me neither Happy

  4. Happy for them. Older and hopefully wiser

  5. Yeah, Keebs, hopefully wiser this time is right. I wish them the best.

  6. I like them together, two train wrecks trying to stay on the track. Hopefully they’ll get it together right this time.

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