Celebs On The Go: Willow Smith, Mariah Carey, and Taylor Swift

Willow Smith looks like a runaway in this picture.  And she appears to be having a hard time with the constant paparazzi presence.

Mariah Carey and daughter Monroe out and about in NYC.

Taylor Swift at ABC Studios in New York City for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ to promote her new album, “Red.” Taylor recently purchased a $4.5 million dollar mansion in Hyannis Port to be near her new boyfriend, Conor Kennedy. Conor Kennedy is the grandson of Ethel Kennedy, widow of Robert F. Kennedy.

Photo Credit: Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

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13 Responses to “Celebs On The Go: Willow Smith, Mariah Carey, and Taylor Swift”

  1. Forgive my lack of knowledge and/or appearance of being insensitive but do the twins have a birth disorder?

  2. I don’t think so?? But I see what you’re seeing.

  3. Are the glasses on the lil girls face for fashion or out of necessity? She’s a cutie!

  4. Fashion

  5. E, U sure fashion? Roc and Roe and cuties, though. Willow does look like a runaway. She’s looking just like Will. Sure she’s not posing?

  6. Those little glasses are too cute and look like the ones my cousin’s little girl had to wear for her vision. Willow looks like she’s doing a video or photoshoot or something. She has a fashion of her own I guess.

  7. @Keya, I am pretty sure it is a birth defect. However, I am nto a doctor. I have seen a few children like her. But I think it is strabismus. Strabismus that’s a result of farsightedness can usually be corrected with glasses, especially if caught early. Strabismus that persists even when a child wears glasses may require surgical correction. While the lack of coordination between the eyes centers in the brain, it’s not possible to operate on the brain to change the alignment of the eyes. Instead, doctors operate on the eye muscles, which are accessible. That’s one reason that the surgery isn’t 100 percent successful

  8. Aww let willow be.
    Mariah looks happy and lil glasses, soooo cute

  9. Lol. Ya’ll think she wearing glasses this young. I thought Mariah had the lil one making a fashion statement. Oh well…

    As for Willow, there are other pics in this series. She was actually out shopping. I wouldn’t doubt some were staged though. As for her love of “fashion”, she has her own fashion blog.

  10. @Sonya Interesting. I haven’t read any stories about them having any defects but I wanted to see if anyone else shared my curiosity. I recall a pick of Nick holding the son, and the son looked really limp as if he had no control over his legs or arms. Again it could just be my eyes but none the less they are both adorable and doesn’t matter if they do or not, just curious :-)

  11. @Keya, I am the same way. Very observant. That and I volunteer to work with babies at my church’s daycare center. So, I ask questions in a respectful manner to ensure, I’m doing all i can to help the child and educate myself.

    @E, now you know. Lol

  12. Most times I just post the pics… I don’t really have time to look at them closely. Thx to all the eagle eyes. After really looking at the picture, I can definately see the lens.

  13. Ima need for Willow to stop dressing like she lost everything and that all she has to wear. Im so over her and that look, especially that coat. Her mom and dad need to do better. Letting these kids dress and act like this is an example of parents letting kids have their own way….ummm no. Love the pic of Mariah and her lil girl. I think those are prescription glasses. That make those for lil kids and they have the head band attached to the end on the handle and goes behind the head so that pull them off so easily.

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