Celebs On The Go: Britney Spears, Amber Rose, Pierce Brosnan, and Jessica Simpson

Britney Spears

Britney Spears and her boys Sean Preston and Jaden James enjoy a visit to Starbucks in Los Angeles.  The boys have really grown up.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose looks ready to blow at any minute.  She has that real pregnant look that I never saw on… well nevamind.  Wiz Khalifa and Amber were attending a pre-baby class in Beverly Hills when Amber was photographed.

Pierce Brosnan

This just broke my heart.  I’m not feeling this old man look on 007.  Where is Don Johnson’s Pee when you need it?

Jessica Simpson

Look at these two greedy emma effas.  I think it’s safe to say Jessica is pregnant.  She has a tendancy to stuff her face when she’s with child.  Weight Watchers ought to ask for a refund.

Photo Credits: FameFlynet

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9 Responses to “Celebs On The Go: Britney Spears, Amber Rose, Pierce Brosnan, and Jessica Simpson”

  1. Jessica still stuffing that face of hers.

  2. Amber doesn’t look like she’s about to blow, for how far along she is. And not a dancer, some would say she should be more resembling of Jessica S. body instead of barely putting on any weight.
    what f ever…… we still on that???

  3. LMBO. Poor Jessica can’t get a break. Amber looks beautiful pregnant.

  4. Yes, E, Bey never had that REAL pregnant look. Sorry stans…….

  5. LOL @Don Johnson pee!! Maybe Jess can still honor her commitment to WW after this baby. Two babies back-to-back!! She’s definitely gonna need help getting that weight off.

  6. Amber looks totally different, but cute. Don is keping all that pee for himself. LOL, I feel sorry for Jess, poor thing can’t eat without being ridiculed anymore. She’s the next Kirstie Alley.

  7. Pierce better call up Don and ask for some of that pee. He needs is. Looking old as a mug. lmao at Jessica. Greedy Gus

  8. Almost 8 months. And yep, we never leaving that one, lol

  9. I can’t (Don Johnson’s Pee) stop laughing.
    Pierce doesn’t need it though, for an almost 60yr old Irishman he’s still got all his hair, no shed over his belt and looks better than Sean Connor did at that age. I’ll take him – hold the pee please.

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