Bobbi Kristina Brown Wrecks Chevy Camaro; Walks Away Unharmed

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late great Whitney Houston lost control of her vehicle and drove off an embankment in Georgia. *lawwddd*

Bobbi K was leaving her apartment in Alpharetta when her black Chevy Camaro jumped a curb, rolled down a hill and struck a few small trees before coming to a complete stop on a nearby nature trail.

Brown was not hurt in the accident, but her vehicle was smashed and had to be towed away.  Police ticketed Bobbi K for failure to maintain a lane, but they do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.

All we can do is pray for Bobbi K.  And let’s look at the bright side. Maybe she was just texting while driving.

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9 Responses to “Bobbi Kristina Brown Wrecks Chevy Camaro; Walks Away Unharmed”

  1. At least no drugs or alcohol but help she need.

  2. That poor girl has so many issues!

  3. As bad as it sounds, I hope she was just texting and driving. I feel for this poor kid.

  4. Maybe Bobbi K was trying to kill herself. Her brother dumped her.

  5. nice picture. i love her shoes! i could wear those :)

  6. Poor child. No drugs or alcohol at the scene, but I willing to bet something was in her system. Ya’ll see how she acts on that show. That child is clearly on something and its not that oooooo weeeee neither. She’s on that oh hell naw. This child needs all kinds of therapy, rehab and some of everything else. A lot of people has lost parents before and not act the way she is acting. So her family needs to stop babying her up, put foot her in her azz, and get this child some help. That I miss my mom ish is getting old. #ijs

  7. I’m w you Sam.. lmao @ that oh hell naw. I read abt her antics on the shoq. Haven’t watched yet though.

  8. LOL……yeah she is REAL bad on the show. REAL BAD!! Smoking, drinking, then the last episode she was sick and had to rush her to the er but never said what was wrong or what they found in her system. They were just like she needs to stop what she doing and take care of herself. That whole family needs help.

  9. @Sam you are crazy…I’m lmao

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