Blast From The Past: Kris Kross


Kris Kross are reuniting once more to perform at the 20th anniversary all-star concert honoring So So Def Recordings in Atlanta next month.  Duo Chris ‘Mac Daddy’ Kelly and Chris ‘Daddy Mac’ Smith, both now 32, will be the stars of the show at the Fox Theatre on  February 23.  Damn, Time is a mutha….

Look like the yella boi on the right been going through some things.  I don’t even recognize him.  And wasn’t light bright supposed to be the cute one? Let’s remember the happier days…


Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Xscape, Bow Wow, and JD will also be performing.  A bunch of has beens especially JD who just saved his house from foreclosure for the 4th time.  I will never get over he had Janet JAckson and messed that up!!

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6 Responses to “Blast From The Past: Kris Kross”

  1. You said it EK!!!! Has beens! JD probably got broke dealing with Janet.

  2. I’m now trying to figure out why I ever thought wearing my clothes backwards was cool?!?!?!

  3. 32?!?! Wow, he musta been going through some thangs!! He looks nothing like the kid in the pic!!

  4. I can remember the days I wore my pants backwards

  5. He does look pretty rough

  6. Haha…you are too funny

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