Beyonce Pushes The Taste Envelope With Her First Tour Stop In Belgrade


If it was Beyoncé’s wish to grab the attention, and the headlines, on the opening night of her Mrs. Carter tour: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

While her body alone is enough to catch the eye, the singer took no chances as she graced the stage in her raciest costume yet.

Superstar Beyonce goes through some sexy costumes changes as she returns to top form on the 1st night of her Mrs Carter World tour at Kombank Arena in Belgade, Serbia

Beyoncé stunned concert goers in a gold sequin-encrusted bodysuit adorned with a pair of trompe l’oeil breasts – complete with protruding nipples – as she stormed the stage in Belgrade, Serbia on Monday evening.


I hate to see aging pop stars doing dumb shyt.  Stay in your lane; go gentle into the goodnight.  Golden tittays will not help your transition into LopezLand.  Then again…

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11 Responses to “Beyonce Pushes The Taste Envelope With Her First Tour Stop In Belgrade”

  1. Wow, I’m not a fan of the Golden Arches! Over the top…

  2. It is too over the top, but if she wanted more of the spotlight, mission accomplished, I guess. By any means necessary in her eyes.

  3. Well, alright…

  4. HATE IT!!! She doesn’t have to do this. WHY

  5. I’m a little disappointed..if anything, she had a few more years before doing this.

  6. Is that Bey sex face on the first pic

  7. yeah, see, she’s smelling herself a bit too much. totally unnecessary. she’s getting quite a bit of negative publicity and it’s all her own fault. we need new talent. i wonder how much longer she’s gonna last with this over the top/histrionic, tasteless behavior. maybe 2 more albums??? oh, but then she’ll take a break and have another baby in preparation for a ‘comeback’.

  8. It ain’t fool my eye! lol

  9. Do I see fake ads?

  10. Wayyyy too much!!!! Bey, you are a mother now….
    A bad case of trying too hard to stay sexy when you don’t have to.

  11. *Abs*

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