Beyonce GQ Cover Leaked!!!


A sneak peak of Beyonce’s upcoming February GQ cover has been leaked on Instagram and the superstar leaves little to the imagination, wearing a cutoff shirt, red leopard print hot pants and a thick gold chain.

There is currently no other information about the GQ cover, nor are there details about the issue, but this just adds to the repertoire of plans Beyoncé has for the month of February including a HBO documentary and performing at the Superbowl.

As for this look, I am not feeling it!! I know Beyonce is trying to add some edginess to her image, but this ain’t it.  Best Beyonce stay in her lane and let Rihanna stay in this lane.  Share your thoughts!

Thanks to CandyYam for the Tip

Updated w Official Cover: 1/9/13


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9 Responses to “Beyonce GQ Cover Leaked!!!”

  1. It pains me to my heart to say this…but I agree. This is too much for Blue Ivy’s mama. This is Rih Rih’s area…this is what she does…you my beloved Bey has had your sexy…come screw me cover shoots. I am sad…this is a sad day for me. But she looks good as hell…let the faux pregnancy slander begin…lol.

    ***tears, tears, tears***

  2. Me no likey……RhiRhi is the queen on edge and all others should fall back. Sorry Bey stans ;)

  3. I will spare the Stan’s with my faux peggers comments. This look is not a Beyonce look at all. She does not have to do this

  4. This is a weird pic. Photoshop hips and a long-gated body and what’s with her stomach.

  5. Although I’m not a Stan, Bey doesn’t have to do this. Hold on to your dignity.

  6. She looks uncomfortable. She seems as though she tryna make a point….for what I don’t know. Stay in ya place Bey. This is so out of your league and character. Oan: she ain’t had no baby…. #thstisallonthat. She need not ever do this again……ever.

  7. lmbo!! oh my gosh, why! it’s a great look. it’s sad that she thinks/thought this was the way to go. i’m surprised jay z stood by and encouraged/watched this. too much and sooo unnecessary. seriously, she’s becoming legendary and stuff like this doesnt provide a shortcut to reaching that -just the opposite! it pulls us back to that “young, immature, non-articulate, and in-experienced daddy’s girl trying to define herself”.

  8. I agree with g and everyone else. This is more of a Rih Rih type shoot. Not suitable for a wife and new mother. Bey needs to stay in her lane and leave the sexy poses for Rih.

  9. I like Bey better than Rhi Rhi, but truthfully think there is something wrong with this photoshoot because Beyonce’s stomach looks weird and contorted. Either the photoshopping went amiss, or she’s trying to make these contrived poses to look like she has the Rhi Rhi stomach.

    Not saying Rihanna is queen when it comes to hotness. Rhi Rhi’s jealousy of the super hot blasian girl Karrauche makes that obvious (and the fact Chris Brown will always stay in “touch” with Karrauche).

    All that said RhiRhi is a non factor, but it’s obvious Bey was imitating her last GQ shoot.

    Granted Bey looks beautiful for post birth, but these aren’t hot images.

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