An AZZ Is NOT Supposed To Look Like This?!?!

Tiny posed for this back shot and truly… this was not a good look for her.  It’s obvious she’s been getting those silicon injections.  But on a positive note, Tiny was recently honored for her 20 year songwriting career by ASCAP.


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9 Responses to “An AZZ Is NOT Supposed To Look Like This?!?!”

  1. I’m sorry but yes she has to be getting her cc’s

  2. TIP loves that azz! I love Tiny Baby…

  3. 2 words—-> Lopsided Booty

  4. It could be a fake butt.

  5. I don’t get how the women that get those shots can’t see that it looks unnatural!! Her booty to leg ratio is irrational! lol

  6. TIny butt look like the round lego blocks. Its all lopsided and lumpy. How is it that her mom looks younger than she does at times. She messed herself up with all those injections and now she turning into another Lil Kim. Just stay natural or learn to know when enough is enough.

  7. Tupac said it best “I ain’t mad at cha!” Clawd ham mercy!

  8. I noticed her fake booty, injected booty long before this picture. Her legs are so small then her comes this big ole butt. C’mon Tiny!!! TI stop the madness. Enough with the plastic sugeries too. Sad….

  9. No Tiny no!!! Stop with all the surgeries!

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