Alexsandra Wright Speaks Against Dead Beat Daddy Knowles


“It is with a heavy heart we must head back to Superior Court to continue the fight for the rights of my son Nixon Knowles, who has proven to be Mathew Knowles’ biological son. My family and I have exhausted every non-legal avenue to urge Mathew to be a responsible father and to follow the stipulated judgment we reached together, which was approved by California’s Superior Court. The official judgment was filed and dated September 10, 2010. Every detail was covered and agreed to by Mr Knowles after a year of private negotiation.

“We have attempted to appeal to him and his team to adhere to that agreement and the court’s stipulated judgment in regard to our son’s education, outstanding medical expenses and other issues, with the hopes of keeping this situation private, considering all parties involved. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful with any sort of private negotiation.

“I am deeply saddened that our personal business is being aired in such a public forum. As a result of false statements made by sources very close to our situation, rumors and innuendos are openly being spread about my son and me. Naturally the negative words affect both of our families, children and careers. Therefore, I find it unavoidable to remain silent. Those close to me know that my primary concern is my son Nixon’s welfare and well-being; both now and in the future. I feel that it is important for him to know, when he comes of age, that he wasn’t a mistake and that he was a product of love!

“In the beginning, Mathew and I had a working relationship that encompassed mutual respect and professional admiration. When I met him I already had a very successful and financially viable professional career. He positioned himself as a mentor to me and someone that I could turn to for business advice. As time passed, our relationship turned into a very close personal one. I never wanted or intended to hurt anyone in the process. I regret the pain that I have contributed to his family and to my own family. I have the utmost respect and admiration for both of his daughters – they are both lovely women. I also regret the pain that this situation has caused his ex-wife, Tina, and very much wish one day I will get the opportunity to tell her personally.

“My son, my family, and I thank you for your prayers and hope you will understand our need for whatever little privacy we have left during this period. We are extremely appreciative of the family and friends that are standing by us; we are overwhelmed by their generous outpouring of love, concern and support.

“I’m fighting for every single parent and child as I fight for my own.”

E Readers, share your thoughts!! Ya’ll know I never trusted Matty with that handlebar mustache.


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7 Responses to “Alexsandra Wright Speaks Against Dead Beat Daddy Knowles”

  1. Its an 80′s porn stache!! Matty had a leading role in black taboo.

  2. You know, call me insensitive, but she still doesn’t get my sympathies. She knew what she was getting into.

  3. of course she knew what she was getting into. she spread her legs wide open for Matthew knowing damn well he was married to Tina. so I agree with you keebs. she doesn’t get my sympathy but he needs to pay his child support.

  4. Homewrecker or not, it’s about Blue Ivy’s uncle.

    Mathew should provide for his children. “Knowing what she was getting into?” Not every man is a deadbeat father so she couldn’t have known unless he told her that Nixon would be a bastard.

  5. She just didn’t know he was gonna be a fatherless bastard but bastard yes. Nixon is gonna be the kid nobody knowles.

  6. Nixon was going to be a bastard ( sorry about that Nixon because I do love the kids) regardless because she was sleepingh a married man so that showed some deadbeat tendencies.

  7. It did, and I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve child support, but she still is responsible for what she let get into her body. There are good men out there, but unless she was raped, she still knew the consequences of her actions. I do think he should be responsible, but she need to stop crying to the media when she wasn’t crying to the media when she was sleeping with a married man.

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